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Why You Are Not An Orc (yet) (Part II)

For Joe Normal, simply living his life as his parents, the School-ing system (think fish), the Medea, and all the other hobbits around him have conditioned him to, the situation is perhaps not as drastic as the Orc. But what if the Dark Sorcery being cast by the Dominators is actually far more insidious?

What could be more twisted than making a child of this Earth fear the very entity that brings warmth, nourishment, LIFE itself to this beautiful Midgard/ Middle Earth we are blessed with?

Orcs fear the Sun. Worse, they RESENT him, for the ancient name was 'Sol' and synonymous with Soul. As a creation of the psychopathic Will to Power of Morgoth, the Orc inherited the same fear of Soul that his creator and Master was twisted by. The lack of empathy and resentment for others is born out of a stunted development of empathy to one's self. As one turns away from one's empathy, the connection to Soul, one's inner Sun is also severed. This is why the Orc fears both the light of the Sun and the Moon; both symbolise that which has been taken from them. (see my piece on Mary vs Medusa for an exploration of how and why this may occur).

And what's the first thing we program our children with when it comes to the Lord Sol? Is it to revere his magnificence? His ability to bathe our plane in Light (consciousness) and warmth? Or is it to threaten the childling with blindness? Or to cover them in carcinogenic chemicals, thus blocking the healing properties and vitamin production that Sol gives freely? Or worse: to feed them the lie that it's getting far too warm in here and that there's a Doomsday clock fast running out unless we all breathe a little less...

The slow drip of constant threat, scarcity and woe fed to us by the mouthpieces of the FoE (BigMedia - from 'Medea', the goddess of enchantment) is plain to see, even by your average Hobbit. However, Such mesmerism reaches far deeper than the contemporary fear-porn of climate change; War; crime etc. The viscerally-felt threats, no matter how distant (or imaginary) reawaken millennia of ancestral trauma. The alarmist movements - see 'The Club of Rome', the 'Committee of 300' etc - are experts at worrying a wound still festering in Humanity's psyche from many ancient cataclysms. The tales of Great floods, Pole-shifts, and what seem to be nuclear wars - like Tolkien's Masterpieces - are not simply fiction, nor are they forgotten on the somatic level, even if they seem like only fanciful and quaint "stories" to our modern intellect.

These disasters, or 'ill-starred events - from 'dis'(ill) and 'astro' (star) - shaped humanity's character and, as Julian Jaynes alludes to in 'The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind' may be the cause of our perceived separateness from Source/ Life/ Spirit/ Whatever... In other words, our movement (fall?) from at-one-ment ('one mind') into duality and separation. Indeed, it seems that these unimaginable, world-shattering events coincide with the first evidence of human on human violence (Michael Tsarion) and may well be the motivating factor in Man's inhumanity to Man and Nature we see today.

Given the panic incited by the trillion dollar "Climate Change" industry, what would our ancestors have to say about the emotional diarrhea of such movements as 'Extinction Rebellion', or the unfounded beLIEf in a "C0VID pandemic"? I have no doubt that they would surely laugh in Greta's blank, well-programmed face, if they were here today.

In a way, they are.

Never forget that we carry their blood in our veins. Our ancestors were those rugged souls that survived these cataclysmic, earth-rending events... you are of hardier spirit than you think! However, though we inherit part of the strength our our forebears, the systemic indoctrination prosecuted - for this is indeed a War - by the Establishment against its (perceived) herd, does create Orcish behaviour, primarily through kindling the already existing, unresolved trauma, of both personal, ancestral and unsubstantiated events.

But have we devolved to the level of the spawn of Utumno? Have we become completely 'Orcified'?* In Tolkien's Mythos, though the Orcs were once blood-lusting beings, "a race bent on vast plans of terrible tyranny" (David Day), they later became creatures only capable of mischief and low-level offenses against Natural Law (the Morality-based Lore of the Cosmos) - petty theft, minor cruelty and general immorality.

Perhaps then it is more of a 'goblin' state we find the masses in, in today's cult-u're. Perhaps our fall from grace (loss of Sovereignty, blind obedience and acceptance of the Master/ Slave dynamic both within and without) has not been so extreme as to make the 'Orc' the majority. But how did we fall so heavily (and easily) from our true state as the Mon-arch (one ruler) of our own destiny? Where are we headed in our evolution/devolution?

I can't possibly hope to cover the myriad of methodologies employed by Empire to stimulate that reptilian complex we all have (which dominates in a state of fear/ threat, vastly restricting our humanity, our empathy), but I will outline a few of the more insidious, Dark Luciferian and Tavistockian techniques "they" use, and provide a list of resources for those wanting more detail than is possible in the scope of these short pieces.

Though we may not (yet) be a horde of marauding, murderous Orcs, make no mistake, the FoE (Forces of Evil) have been attempting to create a society of dispensable, self-destructive, Masters above/ Slaves below-enforcing monsters: a Horde.

Unless we begin to ken the strategies and (silent) weaponry deployed against us in this (quiet) War, it is our very humanity that is at stake.

{to be continued}

~ A.J. Dunbar

*(thanks to Loralee Scaife for this great word! See resources section for her masterly work)


Art: Various by John Martin

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