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Thank you friend for taking the time to be here today. 


I'd like to take just a moment to briefly describe exactly what an 'Intuitive Medicine Reading' entails and what you can expect to gain from this unique experience.

Drawing on a lifetime's experience of walking my own Hero's Journey, 12 years of intense study of the mysteries (Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Kabbalah), as well as working professionally with hundreds of clients worldwide, these intuitive readings are truly wholistic.  

First and foremost we treat the reading as a ritual, which means we honour the sacrility of our time together.

The beautiful gift left to us called 'The Tarot' is one of the main approaches I use to tap into the messages that the cards bring you, not so much for fortune-telling purposes, but as a messenger helping you to see your life and self more clearly.  This clarity could also be called your 'inner oracle', that small quiet voice of conscience that knows the actions you need to take to move forward on your Hero's Journey.   The cards are simply a bridge into the unconscious realm, that infinitely deep place of mystery where our soul knows the answers we seek.

By allowing the symbolic wisdom found in the cards to guide our session, together we uncover the messages that your inner soulhas been gently whispering to you, and tap into the inner oracle (our "genius") which we are all born with, but whose soft, quiet voice is often drowned out by noise.   

Are you ready to listen?​

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