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AN Introduction to the tarot


Tarot is an ancient way of studying the consciousness and evolution of both the microcosm (the in-divine-dual) as well as the Macrocosm: the Uni-Verse (literally meaning 'One-Song).  

It has also been known as 'The Book of Life' (The Book of You).  

'Tarot' derives from an ancient name for the Goddess of Truth:  'Tara'.  

We can see, therefore, that the cards seek to help us realeyes the Truth of our existence.

It maps the Journey of The Fool (that's you!) from his/ her coming into this realm and offers guidance on each season/ phase (through each card) that he/ she must pass through in order to become The Hero: the one who has journeyed courageously through their personal Underworld, transformed their dragons and then come back HOME with the true Holy Grail: SELF Knowledge, or at-one-ment(e) ('at-one-mind') with Source/ God/ SELF.  


Rather than remain in a state of divided consciousness, where we feel alone and separate from Life, we move to a state of True Health ('health' has the same root word as 'whole') and realeyes that we are actually al(l)one. 

In other words, the 78 cards show through symbolism, astrology, numerology and Kabbalah how Consciousness it's.Self matures (or stagnates) in its Quest for enlightenment...  in it's desire to BECOME.


What is The Tarot helping us to Be-Co-Me?  


Well, the word 'become' may offer some clues.

'Co' in latin is with.  So to 'be-co-me' literally means to 'be with Me'.  

The Tarot helps us to get back to our natural state of Unity with our Creator; with Source/ Spirit/ The Uni-Verse/ God/ Brahman/ The Tao/ Whatever.  


In its true form it is less about fatalistic fortune-telling and more about how to finding your own fortune through coming back to and through re-membering your Divine nature.  It is a most wonder-full tool that helps us to heal

(again, meaning to 'whole') and re-member our True essence.

Through the cards that fall in your reading, you are being asked to reflect and con-templ-8* your life and state of consciousness in this present moment.


* to be within the temple/s and through raising the Kundalini: the 8


How can randomly selected cards give me the answers I need?

To answer this I will try to simplify some quantum physics and observations which have been made about the nature of Reality.

Scientists have observed a very peculiar fact that, in essence, proves that every seemingly separate "thing" in existence is conscious to one degree or another and intimately connected.  Each atom (each Adam) knows whether or not it is being observed and appears (or doesn't) depending on this.  


For example, if there is no-one there to observe particles, then they do not manifest as distinct objects;  they act as a wave of energy, just waiting for someone (or even a camera) to be there to observe them and POOF!  The infinite waveform of potentiality is collapsed into a single, concrete form and 'it' springs into existence!

This is the deepest, most profound example of empathy... manifest reality is brought to be through our consciousness!  The intimacy!  


see the famous 'Double Slit experiment' for a more complete explanation of this: 


So, in this way, the consciousness we are in when 'washing' (shuffling) the deck of tarot cards, causes the RIGHT card/s to be drawn.

The potentiality of the 78 cards collapses to the exact symbols most beneficial for you to con-templ8.

 The Creative force underlying all of Reality wants more than anything for you to 'Be-Co-Me' and to return HOME to your most authentic Self, and will give you exactly the message that you need to hear (to 'HERE) at that moment to help you on your

'Wyrrd' path.* 

[*'wyrrd' is the ancient term for the tapestry that connects every "thing" and for 'divine fate and destiny']

Every event in your life is happening FOR you, rather than to you.  Each experience is a question,

gently - sometimes forcefully! - asking: 


"Can you re-member who you Truly are?"  


"Do you need to keep forgetting, or can you come Home?" 

Hopefully this has inspired you to look more deeply into the beautiful and infinite waters of The Tarot for yourselves & perhaps begin your own study & practice of the esoteric approach.  

I also offer Tarot Guidance sessions where I can help you gain clarity on your current place in your Hero’s Journey - follow the link below to find out more.

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