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[my-stery, not his-story]

Hail friend and well met!

Hero'sJourneyReturn is me: Aaron Dunbar.  I'd like to spend a few minutes telling you of the Mystery (the MyStory) that has unveiled itself as this wyrrd and wonder-full adventure, arriving back to where we both find ourselves: Here, Now!

Over the last 8 years I have been through various awakenings (re-memberings) and Underworld Journeys.  Struggles with addictions in my late twenties guided me to seek to innerstand the way out of (the WAY through) suffering.  I was lucky to stumble upon the first of a number of fateful and seemingly divinely found teachers in Dr Mark Hyman.  He helped me to see the crucial difference between conventional, "allopathic" (symptom management and creation) "healthcare", and true, holistic medicine, which helps to bring the body's systems back to homeostasis (balance).  It was here that I discerned that it was our food that was the primary source of ease or dis-ease, in both physical and "mental" health (they are one).

In a well-intentioned effort to use my experience to help others, I began training to become a Mental Health Nurse.  I envisioned working within the system, avoiding the approaches (allopathy) I did not agree with and assisting others find their own way back to wholeness and true health, without dependence on pharmaceutical petrochemicals.

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The disillusion with conventional allopathic healthcare actually led to a second awakening experience: the realeyesation that certain benevolent and healing practices, particularly those of an esoteric (secret/ mystical) nature, were being actively hidden from us.  A disempowered population is a compliant and consumptive population.

So the natural, logical (and synchronistic) step from here seemed to me to be: study these mystical arts of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Kabbalah.  Use them to help liberate yourself from the conditioning of society and then be of service to others to help them do the same.  And I have not stopped since!

The Tarot presented beautifully a way of helping bring the unconscious/ repressed aspects of our being to the Light of consciousness, where it becomes possible to transmute, to change what may have been holding us back from experiencing liberation (enlightenment). 

In just 78 cards I found a richness and depth that can never be fully plumbed, and I would love to help you see that same profundity and wonder within your own Being and experience.

Thank you for reading, my friend.


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