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Jess, April 2022

"It was so amazing to connect with you for the reading, Aaron. You have such an expanded and deeply soulful way of interpreting the symbolism and meaning of the cards, and your words really touched this mama’s heart. Guiding my children on the straight and narrow, keeping them out of indoctrination camps etc really is my true “vocation” and service to this world. (And everything else I do, I guess, is just a bonus!) Thank you for the reminder of how important that work is. You honor the feminine so beautifully."

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Judi, April 2022

"What a comprehensive follow-up! You are as good as your word, if not better. The reading was a very positive experience. It was clear and concise, with much accuracy around the pieces that I have innerstanding of (which emboldens a trusting investigation of the pieces that are as yet unknown...)


Thank you so much for all the contributory links. I will be delving into them all, perhaps even today, being a very stormy stay-at-home kind of day."

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Robyn, April 2022

"Thank you so much for your time today Aaron🙏🏻💜

Our time today and The video/audio of it is something I Will cherish forever as it was my first experience of this kind🥰

Your input and reading has helped me very much, as at this point I needed some kind of confirmation that I was on the right track. And I trust you, and your authenticity and your sincere nature to help mankind"

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Shaney, Nov 2021

"Thank you so much. I'm excited to re listen to everything. The reading helped me so so much! I told my mom after this wave of calm... trust came over me the entire night and I felt finally ok with my life... it's just a play! It's an experience and I know God has a great finale for me so I am gonna flow down stream, because I'm exhausted from going up river first or this long..."

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Mandi, Nov 2021

"I felt as light as a feather after the reading, it really put things into perspective for me, big thanks.


Thank you so much for all the useful links and information, so very kind of you."

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Anna, march 2020

"A huuuuuuge thank you and an absolute privilege to meet Aaron last night. I've never had my cards read before and was totally blown away by it. Thanks for an amazing night, the chats were, so informative. If anyone ever fancies learning a little more about yourself this is your guy!"

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Christian, March 2021

"I was fortunate enough to meet Aaron in Koh Phangan, Thailand whilst he was travelling through at my work place. And I was blessed to have had my cards read by him. He offered me a wonderful insight into my life, and my future and really hit a nerve with his words, philosophies and insight.

I would highly recommendu anyone that meets Aaron to ask him to help unveil their journey, as he certainly helped to reveal mine."