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ESOTERIC Tarot mentorship


Welcome friends!  


Hero's Journey Return is very pleased to bring to you The Esoteric Tarot Mentorship .  

Are you a beginner (we all are!) when it comes to the mystery school arts?  

Would you like to fast-track your studies, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced and bypass the exoteric (the mainstream) fluff offered by much of the Tarot material out there?

Do you desire to learn how the Tarot can help you achieve our ultimate goal in life that is SELF-realeyesation

(to experience your divine nature)?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, whether beginner, intermediate or a veteran disciple of Lady Tara's wisdom, then this mentorship, crafted through the dedication of 12 years of study and experience with hundreds of clients, is for you.

The Esoteric Tarot Mentorship provides  a firm foundation which allows this sacred art/ science to guide you - and awaken your inner guru - in your Great Work.  Through esoteric (secret), alchemical, psychological and mythological lenses together we will reveal the mysteries of one of (if not THE) greatest treasures handed down to us through antiquity.

            By innerstanding and becoming more conscious of your Self (the whole of you) you are far better equipped to guide others

LAUNCH OFFER (introductory price):  £470

START DATE:  4th September, 2024



GoCardless will redirect you to Hero's Journey Return once payment is complete. 

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"What will the course reveal?"



Mentorship Content

[3  months + 3  weeks]

- Self-study:  At least one sixty minute video module per week + downloadable course materials

- Community:  access to a private telegram group with weekly Q&A support

- Feedback:  monthly live group webinars

Your Decanate (Birthday) Significator:  this card unique to your specific decanate reveals the maine theme of your individual Hero's Journey.  We will explore ways you can take this knowledge and allow it to guide you in unsticking those undesired patterns in your life and, instead, find your true purpose this time around The Wheel.

The Major Arcana: a detailed overview of each major rite of passage that consciousness (YOU) passes through in its quest for Realisation ("enlightenment"/ Wisdom/ Christ-Buddha-Krishna-Etc-hood).  Through astrological, mythological, alchemical, numerological, & psychological correspondences your understanding of each archetype deepens, helping you to embody its wisdom and avoid/ learn from its shadow side.

The Minor Arcana: the four suits will be broken down into each "pips" individual meaning, as well as seeing each suit as a unified story/ process.  What natural path does creativity necessarily follow? How do our relationships with self and others fail or bloom?  Can the Tarot guide me in grounding my creative visions, bringing them into manifest reality? 

The Court Cards: an astrological, mythological and psychological exploration of the 16 court cards and their relevance to the maturation of each "element" within your psyche.

Spreads: esoterically (Self Knowledge) aligned guidance on the four main spreads I use when reading for clients and for self-study.  These are unique (and much practiced!) versions of lesser known, but highly insightful spreads.  Mystery School guidance on how to cleanse, clear, invoke and "wash" your chosen deck will also be provided.

4x LIVE CHATS: an opportunity to connect with me through Zoom, where we will discuss the relevant mentorship content in a little more depth.

Q&A through telegram: an invitation to connect with me and have answered any questions you may have.

Enroll now and accelerate  your transformational journey through the wisdom of Tarot!

Take the first step towards becoming a Tarot master.  Enroll in The Esoteric Tarot Mentorshipship today and transform your life with the secrets and guidance, both timeless and timely, of  Tarot.  Whether you're seeking personal growth, a new career path, or the ability to heal yourself and guide others in their healing (wholing) journey, this course will provide the knowledge, skills, and support you need to mine the treasures contained within 'the Book of Life'.


bonus content

HERO'S JOURNEY RETURN TAROT READING:  a 60 minute Tarot reading with me

RITUAL:  guidance on how to use ritual to ground and integrate the wisdom received during your readings    

MYTHIC MINDSET WEBINAR:  a presentation on the power of seeing our lives and reality through a mythological lens


MEDITATION:  guidance on contemplation and connecting with your clearest, most clarified consciousness.

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LAUNCH OFFER (introductory price):  £470

START DATE:  4th September, 2024


GoCardless will redirect you to Hero's Journey Return once payment is complete. 

Please ensure to enter your email address on landing page to receive course updates

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