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Find the courage to take
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Hero's Journey


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INtuitive medicine readings

Intuitive medicine readings

Greetings friend! 

I'm Aaron - an Intuitive Medicine Reader, guide and writer. 


I help you to uncover the mental, emotional and spiritual sticking points that may be holding you back from taking the next step in your Hero's Journey.  

It is when we stay unaware of these challenges (and often of our own strengths) that we remain stuck in old, repetitive, limiting patterns.  Through my readings I help  you to  make the unconscious conscious, so that you are no longer being led blindly by those unconscious forces, but instead are more consciously able to respond to life.  This gives you the courage you need to finish that book, find the relationship you deserve, or to just grow in wisdom and strength .

The ancients knew that to 'KNOW THYSELF' was to uncover the true treasure of the Uni-Verse - the Holiest of Grails :  an awake and conscious state of being.  A state where you realeyes that every event in your life is acting for you, rather than against you. 

The key is innerstanding the message that each event is asking you to hear and I help you to listen with more

clarity, peace and compassion for yourself. 


With clarity comes the ability to take action in your life and this is what my clients attest to: new found confidence in their own ability to make better choices.

Are you ready to hear what your soul wants you to know?



Appearanace on HOLISTIC RADIO UK


"Thank you so much for yesterday! It was awesome meeting and talking with you. You truly have a gift, and so full of knowledge ..."

About Aaron

Aaron has dedicated himself for the last 12 years to the search for the true meaning of health.  This led him to discover the wonderful world of myth and the alchemical "secret teachings of the ages".  Within these teachings, the great art that is tarot spoke to him, resounded with significance and it became clear that this was a "royal road" to that which we all seek: Self-knowledge.

Aaron has been helping others with their Hero's Journey professionally for four years, working with hundreds of clients from all over the world. 

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