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Tarot healing & Guidance

Tarot healing helps you to uncover the mental, emotional and spiritual challenges that may be holding you back from taking the next step in your Hero's Journey toward Liberation.  

It is when we stay blind to these challenges (and often to our own strengths) that we remain stuck in old ways and patterns of Being.  But by making the unconscious conscious - as revealed in the cards that appear for you - we are no longer being led blindly by those unconscious forces, but instead are better able to respond consciously to life.

The ancients knew that to 'KNOW THYSELF' was to uncover the true treasure of the Uni-Verse.  The Tarot is one of the best and most authentic tools for achieving this Holiest of Grails:  an awake and conscious state of being.  A state where we realeyes that every event in our life is acting for us, rather than against us.  The key is innerstanding the message that each event is asking us to hear and the Tarot is an exceptional gift to aid in this listening.