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A Pilgramage

A pilgrimage (does it count as one if one drives there? 😂) to St Dyfnog’s sacred well for some cold water and nature therapy.

I did go all in, btw... (apart from my heed) 😂

And to make it even more special, I had a cool little mystery school synchronicity...

So the floor of the well was a Masonic Chessboard.

After a little sit with some cacao a little cockapoo rocked up with no collar and no apparent owner nearby. So I went to find the owner who lived in a big house not too far away. It turns out that it was he was recently cleaned the floor so said symbol could be seen again. I mentioned what it was to him and he looked surprised and replied “correct”.

So much synchronicity in the last… well 10 years… ever since beginning my study of the mysteries in earnest, but especially so in the last few weeks. Anyone else noticed it for them?



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