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The Sage and The Psychopath

Michael Tsarion has spoke at great lengths on this subject, so firstly let me recommend him and his work.

I've found some quotes which amplify the key differences (and their sameness) between the Wizard and the Sorcerer...

"There are stories of saints who fight with wizards or witches... One could say it is the archetype of trying to fight evil by one's wits and intelligence through knowledge, instead of by brute force. Today we call it psychological warfare. Knowledge if linked with a state of higher consciousness, is perhaps the greatest means of fighting evil; dissociated from consciousness, it is just one magical trick against another".

~ Marie-Louise von Franz, in 'Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales'

"But the price that is paid for this consciousness [as a subjective individual] is a heavy one: the fragmentation, the seemingly irreconcilable conflicts within us, the feeling that the universe has fallen apart and has no central core of meaning. We are conscious enough to be torn by the conflicts of life but not yet conscious enough to sense life's underlying unity. Yet, it is by this path [out of Eden and into Middle Earth and Polarity] that Nature becomes aware of its own existence by giving birth to its one witness: human consciousness".

~ Robert Johnson, in 'Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth

I love how both Tarot and Astrology give us a roadmap through the often befuddling and contradictory world of the opposites. By innerstanding how the archetypes relate to each other, via these wonderful arts, we begin to see the same processes operating within us as individuals, through our relationships, as well as in the macrocosm (the One-Story/ Uni-Verse).

With insightful readings and the contemplation of their guidance we can find greater balance (The Middle Path) in The Way these inner forces pull us toward Self and toward wholeness. They are alchemical in that their aim (and there is a trajectory to both) is to give birth to a Sovereign individual; he who has disc-over-ed MEANING and that deeper consciousness von Franz spoke of in our first quote.

Again we see here the difference between a 'Gandalf' and a 'Saruman'. The latter uses his powerful knowledge to seek power over others; he forces his will upon the world. Gandalf uses his gnosis to bring harmony to Middle Earth, gently guiding, rather than imposing his will.

The Sorcerer serves himself. The wizard serves a greater Will.

"[Knowledge] dissociated from consciousness, it is just one magical trick against another"

This is perfectly shown in Gandalf's first confrontation with Saruman. Both use magic directly against each other and Gandalf loses this battle. The next time, however, Gandalf - after achieving his Great Work and the albedo state of 'The White' - does not strike directly at the sorcerer. Instead, he allows The Tao, Nature, Natural Law to undo Saruman; symbolised by The Ents. It is not, however, an entirely passive, hands-off approach, as much of the "New Age" endorses. Gandalf consciously acts, appearimg to Merry and Pippin, who in turn convince Treebeard/ Fangorn to "go to war". We can read into this, coupled with the ambrosia that the hobbits find in the Entwash, that it is their connection to their own inner wizard which inspires them to ACT and gently influence - through speech - the Ents.

Both "Good" and "Evil" spring from the same undifferentiated Source. Thus, the psychological warfare (psyops) are employed by both poles. So, the dogmatic and suspicious view of Tarot and Astrology is not without some legitimacy:

What is the intention of the one seeking counsel from the cards/ stars? Service to self and a world of masters and slaves? Or, Service to SELF and to bringing balance to our realm?

To reiterate and conclude, the Sage has a distinct advantage over the Psychopath. Von Franz says it better than I could:

"Knowledge if linked with a state of higher consciousness, is perhaps the greatest means of fighting evil"

~ A.J. Dunbar


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