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There's been no such thing as a "Climate Crisis", other than that which the Club of Rome and similar such de-monI.C, fear-based thinktanks want us to beLIEve in.

There is a "CLIMB-8" crisis, however...

The Enemy cannot create anything new, so although what they would like us to beLIEve (CO2-induced climate crisis) is far from the Truth, their labels and slogans usually reveal that which is real, albeit in a perverted form.

The 8 (the kundalini/ serpent energy) is the way in which we are meant to raise our Chrism Oil up Jacob's 33-vertebrae in order to reunite the Earth (Root) with Heaven (Crown). In a fallen, leaden state of consciousness, with the Truth about our physiology, our divine nature and Purpose Here heavily occulted and hidden in the density of matter, it has been nigh on impossible to realeyes our Magnum Opus: Climb-8 Change.

However, as The Tarot's Tower (Struck with Lightning) card teaches us, crisis is usually exactly what is necessary for a personal (and collective) breakthrough. As all that is false sees its own dim-eyes with the rectifying influence of Natural Lore, the fire from On High that brought The Tower down removes that which is blocking our energy from rising; our illusions and FALSE sense of limitation are shown to be unsustainAbel and anti-Nature. And though The Tower feels violent and destructive (202Q+), it is actually an act of Grace which is going to gift us an opportunity to 'Build Back Better' (another inverted slogan that we will Rightfully Establish in Truth).

The card is also representative of The Tower of Babel allegory, in which God "speaks" directly (the Lightning) through the destruction of the egoic structure that is attempting to take Heaven by force. In a blinding instant the many languages of Man are shown to be mere Babel in compariSON to the One language of The Divine, which forces us (gracefully) to re-imagine and re-build what is truly important - our Temple within, rather than the show of masks without.

And this is exactly what we have been witnessing since 2017. All that is false is collapsing and their is a shift happening, where people are beginning to realeyes the real (the Great) Work to be done.

N.B. The Tower card is #16 (1 + 6 = 7 = God Intervention), which means The Star (Aquarius) card that follows is #17 (Q)

The Star (17/ Q) gives us the space, the breathing room with which we are ABEL to go further on our Quest to complete the Alchemical Wedding; as The Enemy is defeated, their stagnating influence is diminished and we are less impeded by external corrupting forces. In The Moon (18) we are asked to (finally) re-cognise our unconscious and shadow aspects that the rat race (engineered by 15 - The D.evil) simply didn't give us time to experience and integrate. Therefore we remain in separation; repressing/ denying a massive part of our being (The Shadow), which was exactly the purpose of the rat race - to keep us in flight/ fight against scarcity and ultimately in fear of ourSELF.

In the reflected light with which The Moon bathes us, however, we first see the promise of our soon to-be-completed Great Work: the real climb-8 change. 19 The Sun follows, and with it surrender (19) to the Divine Path that is set out for us all. We are no longer resisting or repressing that which IS (both within and without, neither Light nor Dark). We have moved beyond Karma and into Dharma. The oil which we have raised to our brow lights our lamp and that light radiates out, helping to lift all of Creation.

The Climb-8 Crisis is therefore real, but it ends with a choice to complete your Masterpiece.


'Against the Sun' - Zoltan Toth

'The Tower' - Diane Franco


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