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Family Curses, Generational Trauma & Cult Snake-Oil

A while ago I was involved in a community who would tell their listeners that their Father & Mother were "just a pair of rents" - literally meaning that you "rented" them, but 'twas then implied that you must leave them behind. True, in some respects! The Child must "individuate", as Jung would put it, and in doing so becoming Authentic to his own So(u)l's journey, rather than trying to live out the dreams of father and/ or mother.

But to imply that they might as well be forgotten is leading you away from a path every hero must take: one into the deep, dark forest of the family's past, all of which is held in the somatic: the bodily/ unconscious level of you.

Through parents and kin, whether you like it or not, you have inherited a family; one that comes with a history, a story and MOST importantly a family unconscious. To run away from that (and I’m not saying that one shouldn’t physically leave if the family is toxic) is the same as running away from your personal underworld experience - for really, at the roots, they are the same: the collective unconscious, dramatised through a YOUR Hero's Journey. By ignoring, detaching, or "spiritually" numbing out the wisdom, the stories - which are often extremely painful - our family has to share, we essentially run away from Self knowledge - the treasure of all treasures. You have to know where you come from in order to know where you are and how you get there.

These underworld explorations are the realm and domain of Scorpio, the abyss that is The Underworld where these generational wounds and "curses" are held... trapped... waiting to be re-cognised (brought back to mind for re-examination). But as we transmute (bring consciousness to) Scorpio, we begin to see the patterns in ours and our family history. And it is pattern recognition that is the key to solving the cipher that is both you and The Whorl-D.

The limited perspective of Scorpio as the snake (cold-blooded, malevolent) has risen to that of the Eagle/ Phoenix, which can now take a bird's eye view of our and our family's stories. Perhaps stories that we are now able to re-lease... to "break the family curse" as Greek Mythology would put it. It was Apollo, the god of Light that was said to be He who would release you from the curse (i.e. through consciousness and clarity), but this doesn't happen by pretending that we don't have a LINEAGE.

All the unfulfilled longings for authentic self-expression by your ancestors, as well as all the family "sins" - "sin" simply meaning that we have missed the mark, or not found balance - have wound up being a "you": the hero who must face that collective, family shadow, if you are to emerge victorious as a true individual, rather than being a slave to those unconscious, collective chains of the family millstone.

In that inherited unconscious - dark and dangerous as it may be - is your sal-vation. By resolving the family Shadow, by not turning away to the soothing calls of the siren-song of Old & New age religions alike (same snake-oil), by not resisting the necessary at(t)ention being paid to Hades/ Pluto/ The God of the Underworld and Transformation, we whole our Round Table. We allow for and forgive "the sins of our fathers", whilst doing our best to see the patterns, and then, through consciousness, end them... or better yet, transmute them into the energy that is aligned with Tao. Lust for Power may become Will to Meaning, or to uplift Consciousness in some way. The possibilities are as unique and endless as there are sentient beings cap-Abel of doing this "Great Work".


To try to imply (or explicitly say sometimes) that your birth family is not your "true" family is yet another way cults lure you in. Manson did it and pretty much every toxic collective going. They are keeping you from discovering your roots and facing your inner world, by keeping your at(t)ention on them, their needs, their ideologies, their unresolved "shit". They are preventing you from wholing yourself and therefore keeping you from your true inheritance: Christ/ Buddha/ Krishna/ Odin (etc.) Consciousness.


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