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How to win a Spiritual War. War as Drama. Supreme Peace. {Part III}

World War III began with the "end" of World War II and has - for the most part - been neither physical nor conventional. It has been a War of Morality, a War on your Consciousness, a War designed to cut you off from your Conscience, to sever your connection to Right and Wrong.

The subverted and weaponised will of the unconscious collective is a blind obedience which the social engineers have expertly directed against the few who value their own and other's Sovereignty. Because of the hidden, undeclared nature of the conflict, this War has been all the more insidious.* Unless you know a) that you are under attack, and then b) who is the aggressor, you have no way of defending yourself, or of knowing which values are being assaulted. Unless you know your enemy's tactics and weaponry, you stand little chance in victory and of remaining free from tyranny.

It is through FEAR (usually False Evidence Appearing Real) that the Enemy keeps their herd in ignorance and in-formation: fear of scarcity (engineered); fear of death (illusory); fear of (usually "government" created) bogeymen; but most importantly: the fear of Freedom (suicidal) and the responsibility this entails.

This continuous propagation of fear by the necromancers is nothing short of domestic terrorism. It is a dirty kind of war which, like all abusive relationships, warps the victims' mentality to such an extent that they see the perpetrators of the abuse as their protectors - who do you think funded ISIS? Who do you think orchestrated 9-11? 7-7?

The resulting two decades long descent into the New World Order panopticon (total institution/ surveillance state)? And the pièce de résistance: the long-planned scamdemic ("COVID" - 'Certificate of Vaccination ID')? Stockholm syndrome - the identification and sympathy for those who commit violence and terror - is most readily found in the supporters of their respective "government". Miraculously, however, in the face of overwhelming manipulation by the dominator class, there remain those who have maintained their integrity and have held Truth above any arbitrary dictates of those who presume to rule.

So what can this vanguard of Sovereign beings do in the face of such overwhelming deception and a population so easily cowed?

The U.S. election of 2016 serves as a supreme example of the effectiveness of "chaos magick"; a form of reality manipulation that uses humour/ ridicule and the antithesis of political correctness to point out madness. But you don't necessarily need to dress up like a frog or fly Kekistan's colours to chip away at Empire's (waning) control of the mass mind.

The soul that lies dormant within the mass man can be reached simply by standing in virtue, in freedom, when among the crowd. In-joy repelling the fear/ hate when YOU choose whether to wear a mask. Know that those projecting all their ignorance and decades of repressed toxicity at you are caught in a trap that You, brave Warrior for all that is Good, for Life itself, have walked away from. The consciousness behind those terrified eyes has been subverted. Behind that sinister ("purely symbolic" ~ Anthony Fauci) mask, there are necromantic mindworms dictating and directing their poor poor amygdala's functioning.

Their limbic (emotional) systems are simply not operating as Nature intended, and so, like Bilbo in that "chance" meeting with Gollum, we must have pity and compassion. For though orcification - the reduction of the masses to hateful and fearful slaves - is at an all-time high, for the majority, there still remains a dim light of reason behind those fearful eyes. They see your determination to give the FoE (Forces of Evil) a black eye with your every freely-drawn breath, and their soul salutes you.

We must stand steadfast in our resolve to defeat the peddlers of Fear: the vampires; the necromancers. They shall continue to attempt to lure the naive to sacrifice their individuality. They will continue to strive to douse your inner flame with their torrent of lies.

Loki's deceptive urge is eternal, but once you accept that evil is a fundamental force of the Cosmos, you can resolve to use his trickery to evolve and to liberate others (bu first, your Self).

Do not abandon your post.

Stand fast in the face of the oppressor.

Laugh at his lies openly.

Speak your truth, or it may forever be taken from you.

The Will of the individual must never become subservient to the will of the collective.

{to be continued}

*n.b. undeclared unless you know which of their generals, or manifestos to read: e.g. H.G. Wells, the Huxleys, Kalergi, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, UN Agenda21/2030, 'The Great Reset', Klaus Schwab etc.

~ A.J. Dunbar


Art from 'Ran' by Akira Kurosawa


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