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A "Jew" is one who worships God within.

IS(is)-RA-EL = The Divine Mother (ISIS) -The Divine Father (RA) - The Divine Child (EL); i.e. The Holy Trinity. It is a state within you, just as Solomon's temple is to be built within your consciousness, not spill innocent blood over our Mother Earth, for property rights, or turf wars.

Sol - Sun/ Light/ Father

Mon - Moon/ Dark/ Mother

= UNIFIED, WHOLE, as opposed to a divided consciousness.

The Star of David represents the balancing of the Masculine and the Feminine, which creates the Diamond Child - the pinnacle of Creation (YOU).

The word 'Zionism' is also originally sacred - Zion being the inner, (w)Hol(e)y space that one achieves when one completes the Magnum Opus; The Alchemical Wedding; walking the straight and narrow Path to God (not the BROADWAY).

Z = the raised Kundalini energy/ Chrism Oil up the 33 steps of Jacob's Ladder (the 33 vertebrae of your S-Pine; the S being the kundalini serpent energy, and the Pine being the activated Pine-all gland). This activation creates the illuminated World Tree of Life within (symbolised in the Christmas Tree) with the Greatest of Alchemists Santa Claus(trum) delivering you your Divine PRESCENCE.

IO = the balanced Masculine and Feminine energy achieved through alchemy (Hallowed Consciousness)

N = the journey of the sacred secrections from the third ventricle of your brain, down to your root chakra and then back up. Also the 14th letter: 1+4 = 5 physical senses; in the state of Zion the One eye (the true Mon-ey(e), the activated pine-all, is able to rule over the 4, which represents the manifest world, rather than the physical realm ('Malkuth' in Kabbalah) ruling over you. In this way, one enters back into Eden, or 'Yesod' in Kabbalah.

Santos Bonnaci gKnows

But, like everything in this inverted world (currently being RIGHTed), the Satanist, Khazarian/ Ca(i)na'anite/ Phoenician/ Venetian/ Vampires despoiled these terms, because they despoiled themselves through the act of murder and CAIN-i-Ba'alism.

Much love to all peoples on all "sides" caught up in the insanity.


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