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The Redshields/ "R0thsch1ld$"

Just what is the "Red", and what is it Shielding?

'The Last Judgement' by Jayne Van Eyck

Looking at the symbol for Citigroup may shed some light.

The symbol clearly shows that there is a red shield arcing from the two I's, to cover the 't'.

The two I's are your TEMPLEs: those sacred pillars which house your divinity (the third ventricle of the brain - pituitary and pineal glands).

They are used in almost all mystery school teaching/ secret society lore - most popularly known as Boaz and Jachin in Freemasonry and Kabbalah (see below).

The 't' is your body. It is the cross on which Christ was crucified, and where he remains within each of us, until we master our left brain and help the CHRISM oil to rise.

It symbolises the part of our Journey to the Crown Chakra that has yet to cross from the five in-body chakras (Christ's five loaves), prior to crossing Atlas (bone) to the RIGHT (with Right Action in one's life) in order to illuminate the two chakras above, which grant the highest wise-dome (the two fishes Christ accesses to feed the many).

Red is the colour of the Left-brain (fear, scarcity) and so we can clearly see that this symbol is a declaration of the attempt to prevent your inheritance - the work of raising the chrism oil up your 'T', which would light your lamp and bring Christ/ Buddha/ Krishna (etc etc etc)hood to you.

"They" want you stuck in your root chakra, full of fear, fighting one another for scraps.

They cannot fight those who RISE.


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