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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

I occasionally get some negative responses when I scribe/ voice what we have been going through - i.e. the fall of Babylon; The Tower Struck by Lightning - as a "movie". The feedback being, "people are really suffering", "it's real when it affects people's lives" etc. And I agree wholeheartedly.

However, it isn't just the last two years that are a 'movie'

The entire "Thing", reality, "IT" is a show. THE Show. The Grandest of Dramas. The 'Uni-Verse' ('One-Story').

And it's eternally playing so that The One (You) can experience something other than Eternal Bliss; the state of Being undergirding all experience.

The particle of God that is You comes here to enjoy, learn from and grow through this interactive experience called 'Life on Earth'. But to do this The Dreamer must forget that it is One consciousness dreaming The Dream. The movie-goer must be pulled into the story, forgetting the mundane world, if they are to be fully immersed and invested in the experience.

However, the beautiful Truth is that just as with lucid dreaming, The Movie/ Dream/ Show isn't meant to be a passive, deterministic experience, where things just happen to you and your fate is set. When one wakes up to the fact that this is The Divine Movie and you are in-deed a (w)holon of the Divine Intelligence, you are then ABEL to consciously walk your Hero's Journey back to the Christed/ Buddhic (etc) state of Being. A state where you can "dree your wyrrd" (dream your destiny) as a Hero, rather than as a background character.

As with all stories (The One Story), the Hero doesn't become one without having to face his/ her shadow, which is usually portrayed as an external Enemy. But, if you ARE The Movie, if you ARE both Dreamer and Dream, then this Adversary is there in both your "out there", mundane reality, but also within your own being - and mystics would say that these two aspects of experience are not in Truth separate. Scary? Perhaps, but consider that if it - The Adversary - is simply a part/ role in The Great Drama, can it really, Ultimately hurt you? If you, the true YOU is the eternal witness of The Movie, not the temporary and ever-changing events in The Story, can YOU really be affected? What if what you see out there is actually all YOU, including that which you perceive to be dark, or "evil"?

The physical form that seems to be a you (not 'YOU') may suffer, may perish in this lifetime, but the Dream continues and your role in it, the energy that you are simply changes.

This is exactly the message - the White Magick spell - that Michael is casting in 'Thriller'.

He begins by scribing the experience most people are caught in - the Lie that we are merely matter, doomed to die; that consciousness is limited to the body/ brain; that you are a coincidence.

"Something evil's lurking in the dark" - here we are still under the illusion that darkness/ Shadow is something separate from us. We are not willing to confroont what lies there.

When you still beLIEve that you are a separate self, surviving for a short time for a one-time-only spin around the merry-go-round, you are "fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight".

Without the realeyes-at-ion that you are an eternal (though ever-changing) expression of God, sent on a Divine mission to re-member Who you Truly are, you are susceptible to the Lie that the "Night creatures" weave: "Be afraid. You are Nothing" they mock. We're tricked into becoming "the dead... (that) walk in their masquerade". Corp(se)orate "law" and the creation of your legal fiction denies you Life itself and we buy into it, walking right into "the jaws of the alien" - another reference to dividing our self from what we perceive as "other" (alien). And unless we wake up from this illusion in this lifetime it "is the end of your life" (of this one anyway).

As we said earlier, because this is a Drama, there must therefore exist a force to oppose the Hero of The Story (You). "They're out to get you, there's demons closing in on every side". Unless you claim your Sovereignty and realeyes that you are a Child of God, a living Man or Wombman, "They will possess you" not only through their fake corp(se)orate "law", but through all the ways in which they entrap you in their web of deceit. We must "do The Work" as CharlieFreak so often says, so that we remove The FoE (Forces of Evil) from our own being and stop contracting with The Enemy.

When we are ABEL to flush out the parasites, from both body and mind (through natural eating; breathwork; meditation) we change our frequency. Our Chrism oil for our lamp is ABEL to rise and we truly "change that number on the dial". Our "number" rises to our 6th chakra and, because we have "done the work" (6 sygnifies a period of work) the inverted worldview of separateness we held means that 6 flips to the 9 - the awakened pineal/ third eye/ divine consciousness/ SELF realeysation.

The change in our vibrational state allows us to see The Truth: that what we once perceived as separation (a you and a me, an up and a down, a Good and an Evil), is only an illusion, albeit a necessary one for a time. As our eye becomes single, the reality that this is all a projection of The Mind of God becomes clear once more - The Movie is not to be feared when we see the Whol(y)e behind the seeming duality. And this is what God is saying to us in the lyrics,

"Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together. All through the night I'll save you from the terror on the screen. I'll make you see: That this is thriller" (that this is a Cosmic Drama for us to enjoy and to not be in fear of).

In-deed, the creatures of the night, for all their cleverness and ingenuity, can never surpass The Prime Creator when it comes to true Magick and screenwriting (Author-ity). They are an emanation, a role in this play of duality, not The Writer of The Play. Though they did their best to try to script their own dark outcome, Nothing Can Stop What is Coming to Light now - The Eucatastrophe, or Divine Intervention in the final Act.

God is telling us this with: "Girl, I can thrill you more than any ghoul could ever dare try".

So "unless you change that number on your dial", change your vibrational state from one of Fear (of the Movie; of duality; of separation) to one of Love (of The Movie; of Oneness; of Unity) you will never (in this time around The Wheel) taste again the nectar of eternal life; you will succumb to the witchcraft and enchantment and the lies of The Enemy. You'll not only die a physical death, but you'll live as a shade, a husk, a "mere mortal" background character. And that's okay too.

"For no mere mortal can resist the evil of the thriller".

But the Christed one, the regenerate, simply in-joys The Show.



Whilst the dance of The Ages "struts and frets [its] hour[s] upon The Stage".

The Christed consciousness is not in resistance (in suffering) to the thriller.

The Buddha does not fall for The Lie: that we have anything to fear from the Great Movie.

~ A.J. Dunbar


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