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A recent coaching session I had with a wonderful teacher brought up the topic of the idea of 'stewardship' came up. I found out that the term 'Yeoman' means the same thing as 'steward': a protector of the realm. Someone who both nurtures lovingly (i.e. through growing food, the plants etc.), but is also willing to fight to keep safe "the borders" that separate the community from the "wilderness".

As you know, I always look at words as spells, with the letters that make up key parts of the words often bringing new perspectives and layers of meaning that we might miss otherwise.

So let's break down 'Y.O.E-Man'.

- 'Y' (from one perspective) is the rune Algiz: a simplified meaning to which is to take up one's duty of acting as a steward of Life and consciousness... it is pictorially a man/ or a World Tree (same thing) raising his arms in a manner of protection. It is the Christ/ Odin/ Redeemer archetype. Just as a a side note, it's important to note here that "they" (The Enemy) inverted the rune Algiz and pushed it as a symbol of peace, when War is what they were prosecuting, perpetually.

The tree/ Redeemer connection is especially interesting. Odin had to hang on "The World Tree" to achieve "the runes" (SELF Knowledge), Christ had to be crucified (on wood) and symbolically "die" (or give over his ego will to Divine Will), Krishna also had to hang on a tree, inverted (so thoroughly uncomfortable); they all had to choose this experience willingly.

These mythologies of 'The Redeemer' all symbolically represent the same thing - that our experience of living (sometimes hanging upside down) on The World Tree is designed, through the friction of duality and our experience of balancing the opposites, to elevate, or deepen, or make clearer our state of consciousness. Until we become abel to walk in both worlds (the Mystical and the Physical) AND yet be of neither, we will experience Saṃsāra.

Only from this clearer, and more compassionate state can we fulfil our roles as stewards and have the HEART (Balance/ Authority - Heart is ruled by Leo) necessary to Care for either inner or outer realm...

- 'E: being the 5th letter, one interpretation of 'E' is its esoteric meaning: the 5th element, i.e. consciousness. This is when we realeyes that we are not just matter (the 4 elements: fire, water, air and earth). We have this gift of awareness; of consciousness and the ability to self-reflect. Being the 5th element overstanding over the 4, we can also see that is also implies that there is a responsibility of care, at least to anyone who does not lust for power in the world, but in-stead which strives to bring harmony to the 4 elements (the Whorl-D)

5 might also apply to our 5 physical senses and Jung's "Sensation" type - translated this means that the YEOman is in touch with the physical, feeling world... he is not the type to run to a New Age cult, where the Earth/ Matter is seen as a prison, or any other negative concept. The YEOman does not spiritually bypass the challenges of physical reality.

- 'O': The Whole. No-thing and every-thing. The YEOman realeyes' his true nature as the Whole having a hu-man experience which gifts him the ability to see that what happens to the whorl-D also happens to him... and yet paradoxically non of it is actually happening to anyone or anything - it is "Maya". In truth, he knows that there is no separation (O). It is all the Dream of Brahman, but he remains, like the Bodhisattva he is, to help liber-8 others as he adventures his way through Over and Underworld experiences and all the layers of SELF between.

And let's not leave out "Man". One root of which is 'Mon' - Meaning ONE. Another is 'Moon', or 'Mind' when seen from an astrological perspective. Therefore a Hu(l)Man is the Mind of The Earth. ['Hul' was an Earth goddess]

So, a 'YOE-Man' is someone who see, protects The Great Round Table ("IT"), Knowing that he is "IT" and so is every "one"/ "thing" else.


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