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A CHRIST-mass wish.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Here, at the end of time, on the eve of eve’s, at the end of this Great War, my heart thumps with you all who stand in Truth. Who have had the Courage and Care to defy tyranny and to SPEAK OUT against the Evil which would otherwise have consumed us ALL.

One day (soon) the Hobbiton will KNOW what you did for the preservation of their FREEDOM. Not because you expected reward or to be “correct”, but because it was RIGHT in a world so full of wrongs. A world which has made it so easy to stay silent and kneel to those cowards who would have you BeLIEve that they are mighty. All has been backwards, inverted, upside down and back to front. It is YOU, my brave souls, who are Truly MIGHT-y. It is they who should cow before your Glory. For despite all odds you have done what they could not: stay true to their connection to the Divine Spark alight within us all. That flame within that can never be extinguished, though all the swamps of Mordor be unleashed upon IT. That beacon remains a-light within ALL, IF we CHOOSE to RE-MEMBER.

Namarie, and a very merry CHRIST-mass to you all. ~ A.J. Dunbar And lo! A Christ-mass miracle did occur shortly after scribing this message. Hear-KEN*! At 1919 (XIX in The Tarot is the SUN/SON; Dharma; enlight-en-mente (with a light mind); Joy; Soul) I was stood beneath the HEAVENS on top of the highest point in my Shire, what I named 'New Jerusalem' (after William Blake's beauty-full words). I'm thanking over and over again the yoUni-Verse, the 'One-Song', for this GIFT of being here and now, at this PRESENT moment in time. I'm (out loud) expressing gratitude for all the signs, omens and synchronicities that I've witnessed throughout the past few years, but especially so in this 2020 (vision). I say "I do not need any more signs or confirmations that we are witnessing something truly MIRACULOUS being born, but I am SO full of gratitude for my GIFT of being able to see the Magick around us all." As I say the words "I Innerstand my GIFT", and bearing in mind that there had been only silence in the night sky all evening, at the exact moment i speak "GIFT", fireworks resound in that crisp Christmas Eve sky! I stand there astounded, jaw-dropped, laughing laughing laughing, and thanking Source for the confirmation of what I already KNEW was the case:

We are here witnessing the liberation of Man-KIND from Shadow.

For 20 minutes I'm stood, heart in mouth, thanking the heavens (out loud again)... once more with only silence (no more fireworks) to hear-ken to my words. Eye say "Thank you from the bottom of my SOUL" and instantly in answer to the word 'SOUL', another solitary, BOOM of a firework. I hear you, Spirit! For another 10 minutes or so I'm dumbstruck, utterly humbled and in awe of the Omens. I real-eyes that i cannot hold on to this miracle and that the BEAUTY of what is happening should be sent out to those who need it most. My first thoughts go to my Love, whose family is at a very difficult time right now, then to my own family, and finally to all those in darkness around the world, in the face of the FoE (Forces of Evil). As I say "darkness" (and bearing in mind that again there has been only silence for 10 minutes) the brightest of all the fireworks explodes, dispelling up the darkness and, once more, bringing a tear to my eye and laughter to my belly.

"Believe it or not", a fella named Ripley would say, it matters not. Once more, Blessings to you all and GOOD night! ~ A * to 'ken' something is to hear the truth of something. To KNOW.


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