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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

(or "Why I'm Glad to Have Worn a "TIN-FOIL" Hat")

Perhaps many of you are aware that it's long since the days when our "hats" were made of tin, and maybe equally aware of the long list of evils of what it was replaced with and why, which we will get into in due course.

But why is 'tin' significant in the first place? What does it really mean to wear a TIN foil hat?

In alchemy and all the associated mystery traditions, the metal tin corresponds with the wandering star known as 'Jupiter', or 'Zeus' if we are to go further back, which we will be doing. The Etruscans supreme 'Sky Father' god was 'Tin', or 'Tinia'.

This Zeus/ Jupiter/ Sagittarius/ Benevolent Father link is the crux of innerstanding the importance of why it was that we were and had to be the "tin foil hat" rebels.


It is those flashes of inspiration from Zeus, hurled from some higher/deeper realm which strike us dumb, and present us with an entirely new worldview. When we experience this archetypal force we tap into the prophetic realm of the centaurs; those who can see past, present and future and so, most importantly for our conversation, those who are able to see the BIG (The WHOLE) picture and how the dots connect. Gemini, looking over in opposition to Sagittarius, sees the dots, can research the dots for days, tell you which dot think tank came up with which dot psyop, but it takes The Archer, the one with the keen sight (and the keen bow), to tell you what it all MEANS and WHY it is important.

So yes, of course this applies to all things "conspiracy" (see #ponerology, or really, the truth about the nature of the desire for Power). The crowns we wore were dunces caps to BigSociety, but to us were symbols, badges of integrity to those of us that could see "them" for who and what they truly are. Our inner centaur led us to the deeper, though darker truths about our worl-d.

We could leave it there, but seeing as how we're in the preachy, heady, philosophical world of Sagittarius, let us pontificate further! Perhaps were we to leave it here, we might miss something even more mystical (another typically Sagittarian motif) at play, regarding the significance of tin... But if we're here in the 9th house then we know that there is always something Greater at work here, isn't there?

I was first lucky enough, or more accurately 'graced' with re-membering my true origins/ nature, before diving headlong - at least for the first time with any earnestness - into the murky swamps of the Control System and all of the darkness therein. In 2012 I was gifted mystical experiences, during which I perceived and knew clearly that there was a Centrality: the SOURCE of all things; that which "of which there is no whicher", and that this "IT" is not separate from a "me". Both are The One, pretending to be a "two" in an eternal dance of Love. Love and through the Union of which is B-Earthed the three-ness - The Child. A child who is slowly awakening from a dream of separation.

So for me, when I went deep diving into those Underworld caves, both within and without, and from which many do not return from (at least not in any coherent or rational sense) I went in with a deep faith that there was an inherent meaning to ALL experience, both "positive" and "negative". And thank God (literally) for that, for without that conviction I may have easily become enslaved by the despair that cripples so many of those who have looked into the mind of the psychopath and seen his world. Luckily (another Jupiterian quality) for me, my spiritual armour of Tin was granted before I had to face weaponised sheep, A.I. bots, Darth-Karens in COnVID-camp super markets etc etc.

And perhaps this then reveals another layer of the symbolic nature of the slogan "Tin Foil hat".

To 'foil' something is to thwart... to prevent with intent. Even more revealing is the etymology of 'foilen': "to spoil a trace or scent by running over it" ( So in this sense the conspiracy rabbit hole (the "tin foil hat" club) was undoubtedly designed to be yet another cul-de-sac in which to become stuck, and prevented from discovering/ re-membering our true nature as Jupiter, with the mirror-like Tin reveals. The focus of most of the "truth" movement is led entirely toward the external shadow ("The Enemy" "Out There"), with almost no one (bar a few notable exceptions who I have referenced before), drawing attention to the truth that is the darkness and desire for control within ourselves that it is our real duty to face.

I know for certain the Alternative/ Truth movement was heavily infiltrated and co-opted by the social engineers/ dominators, and in this sense then the foiling of tin refers to the fixation on "conspiracy", "evil", "them out there", which acts as an inability to hear Zeus' call for us to re-cognise the Higher Meaning, that which gives all of the darkness bearability. All of this foiling of tin serves to further the goal of the dark occultist - the one who would take any means necessary to prevent your discovery/ re-membering of your own divinity and wholeness. Trust me when I say that through my work in Mental Health services I met many an individual who received that lightning bolt from Zeus, showing them in a flash that there was an Evil Hand at work in the Worl-d. Those I met under such circumstances were the ones seen as "upside down", "cracked", "in-sane". Without some work on my part to help steer them toward a more mythological mindset (that the WHOLE Story is necessary, including the Underworld Journeys) I fear that their connection to that which The Archer is showing us the way to - THE SELF - will remain "foiled".

More on how we may act as bridges back from the madness, but also to the (alleged) "sane" as we continue on this exploration.


Those sometimes destructive Olympian breakthrough bolts may lead to blind despair, blind optimism, messiah-complexes, incarceration, plus a whole host of other pariah-like experiences, if not first prepared for. And this is why it was to Chiron that many of the Greek Kings entrusted their children in the teachings of all things of a "higher"/ "deeper"/ "profounder"/ "more philosophical" nature. It was the teachings and advice of Chiron to whom many a hero would have to rely on on their Quest for the Holy Grail (for their SELF).

But despite this mentor role, Chiron, being a wild thing, lived outside of the bounds of normal society. In allegorical terms, this is telling us that the revelations that the Mystic Centaur brings will never be able to be confined in the straight-edges of cities and cult-u'res (or even language for that matter). And so can we accept that Hermit quality in ourselves, willing to be seen as "different" or "wild" or as "the outsider"? Whilst at the same time, can we use the teachings that we learn in this space as a King/ Queen would when they consult with their most trusted advisor? Can we take the Deepest truths back in some way (even if never directly communicable) to Society, with a duty and a responsibility to make it a more meaningful, benevolent place. For we have within us all the Wild Teacher, the earnest boy-king-student, as well as the One-day Sovereign of his (inner and outer) realm, who will need the wisdom taught by the King of the Centaurs in order to rule honestly and virtuously.


In the Zodiacal pantheon, Sagittarius is the archetypal priest, an old word for which is 'pontifex', which means 'bridger of worlds'. Chiron, as a centaur (half horse/ half man), is a bridge between worlds. Both animal (instinctual) and human (cerebral) in nature, Chiron suggests a way to heal ourselves when those epiphanies strike a little too violently. Whilst our minds are busy conceptualising and processing all of the worl-d-shattering new information (Gemini), whilst a thought storm rages like Zeus himself in his utmost and righteous anger, can we find ways to release this electrical energy through our body, rather than being destroyed by the Storm? Grounding ("Earthing" - as a lightning strike also does) is THE foundation practice when it comes to somatic healing. Meditation is wonderful, but it is nothing without the Earthy-rootedness of bodily connection.


In spite of all this talk of healing, one renowned Chironic-trait is that of having an incurable wound. Poisoned by the tip of spear that was laced with the toxin of the dark feminine Hydra, Chiron (a semi-divine being) was blessed with eternal life but could equally never achieve respite from the agony of his eternal wounding. Ironically, perhaps tragically, it was only through the advice of Heracle's inner genius (his inner Chiron/ Sagittarius/ Oracle), that the returning hero - the very hero who brushed the poisoned spear tip against the centaur's THIGH (another reference to Sagittarius) was able to defeat the Scorpionic Hydra.

I'm not sure I have yet to meet someone who sees the tragedy of all that is/ was the ruling order, the exploitation of Man and Nature in all it's hellish clarity, who didn't arrive at that revelation without something painful in their life cracking them open enough to ask the kinds of questions that someone who is content with the status quo could never ask. Chiron's incurable pain is our own pain at having to have seen what we have, without being able to directly "solve" the problem by our self. But, as with everything Sagittarian we are looking for the "Highest" Meaning, what is the bright side?

Our suffering, the pleasure/pain duality which we will always have whilst in the limiting world of form, makes us able to empathise with the "Others" we are companions with in this Dream of Maya. Because we know suffering, we too can know something of theirs, perhaps whilst acting as that bridge between worlds (a 'pontifex') and sharing some poignant guidance along the way.

Reclaiming our crowns of tin loosens those leaden chains we found ourselves inevitably bound with in this Kali Yuga. Speaking of heavy metals, although Aluminium isn't lead (Heaviness/ Saturn/ Density) itself, in those quackccines of ours it acts as a heavy metal (as Lead also is) adjuvant, linked to every neurological disorder (of which "autism" is just one) going*. I know for one that I spent many years acting (unconsciously at the time) as the Sagittarian preacher, trying to convert every pHARMa cult-member I found. Needless to say this is exhausting work and often leads to the shadow side of the Zeus/ Jupiter/ Sagittarius energy.

But perhaps, if we are able to find balance within the beautiful, mystical, prophetic world of Chiron, the modern day ponitfex is one who bridges the world of Deep and Mystical experience, without shying away from preaching the darker truths of our history and current predicament, but when those seeking come to him in the wild places.

Perhaps instead of the Piscean Mitre's of that passing age, the new prophets will wear Crowns of Tin.

*See the work of Nigel Exley for the peer-reviewed proof.


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