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Fate, Destiny & the Arcana

"Now, it is the Arcana which stimulate us and at the same time guide us in the art of learning. In this sense, the Major Arcana of the Tarot are a complete, entire, invaluable school of meditation, study, and spiritual effort — a masterly school in the art of learning." ~ Anonymous, in 'Meditations of the Tarot: a Journey into Christian Hermeticism'

The quotation above is of the best descriptions of exactly what it is that the Major Arcana of the Tarot represents that I've come across.

I've often spoken of the arcana as a map of consciousness' evolution. And how else do we evolve, if not through a 'l-earning' process?*

"The Arcana stimulate us":

This is what I've been trying to convey in recent writings: that we are steered towards our fate by unconscious (archetypal) drives, which demand we reintegrate them into our sense of Self. Whatever we cannot accept in ourselves we will meet "out there". Another word which encapsulates this is 'Fate'.

The Tarot helps us to gain clarity on these experiences. What is 'x' trying to show me about self? (Self) Knowledge leads to Wise-dome - the realeyesation that there is Meaning behind every encounter, ordeal and trip. Wisdom brings Understanding - the Abel.ity to take Right Action, overcoming the fear which arises in every Hero's heart when faced with his Destiny.


If fate is that which we cannot avoid, then perhaps one differentiating quality that Destiny has is that it can be avoided. One may bumble through life episodically; from event, to partner, to job and back again, repeating the same patterns and without bringing a jot of insight as to why this pattern continues.

'Destiny' then might be defined by that which is achieved only through 'l-earning' (see below). Perhaps it is the result of many lifetimes spent doing everything possible to avoid the Magnum Opus that ONLY you can embody.

What is it that you Love, but that you are afraid to pursue?

I would say that this is where your destiny lies (the Ego/ Soul's go-AL), and that by pursuing it you will also be heading in the direction of Self realeysation (the UniVers-Al go-AL).

"It's only a choice, no effort, no job, no savings of money. Just a choice, right now, between Fear and Love." ~ Bill Hicks



'earn' - having become worthy of something.

'L' = 12 = The House complete. One has re-membered the 12 archetypes of the Zodiac, realeyesing that He is the Whole. No longer identifying as 'this' OR 'that, but 'BOTH'+'AND'. One is still in the centre of The Wheel, whilst the whorl-D (the seasonal spin of 4or.m) continues to r.evolve.

So 'l-earning' is the process of experiencing each "house" so that one might re-cognise it as Self and not "other".



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