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How to win a Spiritual War. War as Drama. Supreme Peace. {Part I}

Strategy 16 of 'The 33 Strategies of War' by Robert Greene: 'The Centre of Gravity Strategy'

"Everyone has a source of power on which he or she depends... hitting them there will inflict disproportionate pain. Find out what the other side most cherishes and protects - that is where you must strike." ~ Robert Greene

The FoE [Forces of Evil] cherish their REPUTATION (so belittle them)

In old tales it is said that the gods roll dice for the fates of mankind. Our beloved socialguidelining thinktank types see themselves and their reputation as nothing less than god-like. BUT, like all gods, their level of power directly correlates to the number of devotees and their level of beLIEf.

If the crowd isn't buying, the Tyrant isn't eating.

So belittle these "gods". Their reputation, their glamour and their vanity is a critical target, for they have lost connection with the true source of Self Esteem - their Soul. True Author-ity comes from choosing to create your Soul's ideal life; the energy is abundant because one is harmonising with the Inner, the Social, and the Natural worlds - tapping into the negentropic Source of Life itSelf.

But these poly-tick-ians, these false idols have adopted a warped form of "authority" which requires the domination, the adulation and the subservience of others to feed their endless vampiric appetite. Without the energy gained from Fear, from Master/Slave dynamics (pervading all of society), and without your consent to be dictated to, these wraiths lose all their power, once the illusion of their "authority" is seen through. The metaphorical (but sadly also literal) predators have placed a disconnect between you and the infinite Creative Power of the Universe (your Self) and had you mesmerised by their light show of shadow play and trickery. They are no more gods, or part of "God" (All that IS) than us, they just have slightly more pieces of the map than you or I (that they know that there are maps is a rather significant advantage). Though their knowledge is great, their vision sharp, their strategy well thought out and executed, there is one thing that they lack, that you and I have retained. Only one thing, but it is the hollow under their left breast that will be their destruction.

By placing themselves in opposition to the free will of Life (yours and mine and all sentient life), the FoE have cursed their own creative potential. In order to retain power twisted lives are spent in dark machination, in secretive plots and the prosecution of a Spiritual War: their main weapon is the intentional darkening of the consciousness of "their" Enemy: YOU. One cannot scheme, or lust in this way, and experience the Joy that comes from living in Balance with Self, with others, with Nature. Rather, it takes an immensely low sense of self-worth to NEED to have others cow to your demands.* To want the best for himself and for others around him is life-affirming and indication of a connection to the Self within. To be envious of another's success, to want them to kneel before you, is necrophilous, and comes from a darkening, or complete loss of connection to conscience (/Self).

But your connection to Source is not lost, dear friend, otherwise you wouldn't have read this far. If you can find the courage to openly mock those who would have you live on your knees, you will also find that your fear of them dissipates. As you stand tall, walk freely and breathe fully, even in the midst of a totalitarian Fear-spewing system, others will resonate with your Kingly/ Queenly energy. Be gentle with those still in fear. Humour about the absurdity of 2020 clown world can be the doorway that moves them into a more open, objective state of mind. Laugh at their spells such as "stay apart"; "HANDS FACE SPACE"; "avoid eye contact"; "Have sex only through glory holes" (yes really!)... for in doing so you throw an energetic spanner into their broad(spell)cast.

The FoE [Forces of Evil] cherish their REPUTATION, so cut off one of their main sources of Power and belittle them. Their glamour disappears once you and the world sees the void within them.

*it isn't a fantasy to these people; it is their raison d'être.

{to be continued}

~ A.J. Dunbar


Art: from 'Ran' by Akira Kurosawa


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