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How to win a Spiritual War. War as Drama. Supreme Peace. {Part IV}

To win a War one's forces (YOU, my dear friends) must be instilled with a certain mindset. There must be a CAUSE, a WHY that transcends material gain.

Herein lies another of the FoE's vital weaknesses: the cause that drives their forces into battle (usually unconsciously) is entirely based on Fear. The administrators of Stalin's gulags, the brownshirts that terrorised the streets of 3rd Reich Germany, the doctors that treat patients with chemicals, all feared/ fear the loss of support of their state-funded meals enough to justify their part in tyranny, or to avoid asking themselves tough questions.

It is no different today.

The forces arrayed against the free folk are entirely comprised of mercenaries; of sellswords. As Greene points out in 'The 33 Strategies of War', the reliance on hired-guns is inherently weak.

The mercenary fights for money, for security from a colonially-minded tyrant, and though he may trade his bloody services for a little short-term security, he can never be sure that the State she has bargained with will not betray him. Once campaigns are won, foreign (or domestic) fighters pose a threat. The mercenary, without a self-identified enemy (rather than evaluating himself who means to enslave him, the "authority", their paymaster directs their will for them) is always operating in enemy territory.

Empire will always attempt to fool his legions into thinking that if you can just trust the state to identify the correct enemies (i.e. those who do not buy the "legalised" violence they offer) then your efforts will be rewarded by eternal security and an easy life. If someone tries to sell you the "easy life", politely decline and walk away. If you trust those who seek power over others you will forever be at their mercy, and worse, deny your own Author-ity; the ability to write your own Life, without coercion from those who would drain you.

Instead, fix your sights on those who would take yours and other's Freedom. There can be no greater uniting cause than to release humanity from bondage to the state.

Fear cannot triumph in the ferocity of LOVE. The love of freedom that is enough to take one to the battlefield; not out of hate, nor from a place of lack, but the only valid justification for war: the preservation of individual sovereignty.

And whilst fear can cripple even the most valiant of warriors, whilst it can poison communities so that they no longer stand together, whist it may bring a darkness of the Soul which is difficult to recover from... even so, as previously stated, it is also an inherently weak weapon. Fear, when employed as a tactic by the state - through their ubiquitous fearporn channels (i.e. the mainstream medea, as well as those around you infected by their nightmares) - is largely illusory. Just look at the language used in the PROPOSED draconian measures around this C0VID hoax - "we MAY initiate mandatory vaccines"; "the authorities have the power to remove children from families (this is not the same as actually doing it); "you MIGHT get a fine for not wearing a mask..." etc.

How many videos/ reports did you see of police handing out fines for those standing firm in their resolution not to wear muzzles? There was one video doing the rounds close to the "mandatory" instruction - which just happened to be put in place on 24/7 (perpetual tyranny).. this closely followed the "mandatory" guideline (an oxymoron) to wear masks on British public transport, that was issued on the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta (just another coincidence for the coincidence theorists/ those lacking pattern recognition).

One video to reinforce the fear of scarcity - a tactic readily used to activate the REPTILIAN part of your brain - and this "news" (propaganda) is enough to keep the majority in check.

One Big Lie. One leash for the many willing necks.

One Ring to rule them all.

Morality is a function of a mind that has transcended the base reptilian drives for survival; though a connection with morality ensures a species' continued existence. To support a coercive state is to reject this evolution of Mind; to become immoral by default.

Once your war becomes a Moral one no FoE can demoralise you, or have their fear-based rituals/ spells cow your Spirit. Your inner flame burns up those mind-worms.

Wormtongue is ejected from Edoras.

The searing flame of Eowyn's declaration, "your words are poison" consume the venomous creature.

The sniveling worm that would have you clouded by disillusionment, enchanted by fear, paralysed by apathy, perishes in the fearsomeness of your conviction that Life and the Right of others to live theirs free from tyranny is NOT FOR SALE. If you Know who and what your Enemy is (collectivistic coercion), only then can you see Reality clearly and make strategy. Your amygdala and parasympathetic nervous system (and your ancestors, both past, present and future) will thank you.

As Sun Tzu pointed out some two thousand years ago, when your forces are backed into a corner, when it seems like the light of freedom may be extinguished for good, when the stakes couldn't be higher, it is exactly on this "death ground", that your army will become invincible. Re-member the 3.5% rule of History: no coercive state can maintain con-trol of a population where just 3.5% of the population resist.

Morality is not as dead as the self-appointed overlords would have you believe. Re-member Who you are.

You did not come here to stay a slave, Neo.

~ A.J. Dunbar

"Arise now, arise, Riders of Théoden!

Dire deeds awake: dark is it eastward.

Let horse be bridled, horn be sounded!

Forth Eorlingas!

Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden!

Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!

Spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,

a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!

Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!"

~ Tolkien


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