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How to win a Spiritual War. War as Drama. Supreme Peace. {Prologue}

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

"War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend."

~ Tolkien

Do you know who you should consider as The Enemy?

It isn't the person of a different colour, or of a different class. It isn't the wealthy man, or the homeless man, nor is it the religious woman or atheist.

Your enemy are the inter-species predators (psychopaths) that flock to the institutions that promise them what their vacuous hearts desire: POWER.

I began this piece originally with the Q.uestion, "Do you know who considers YOU as their enemy". However, I came to real-eyes that to say the FoE (Forces of Evil) regard humanity as their "enemy" is incorrect. In their delusional, divided, pathological state, in their dualistic and un(w)Hol(e)y paradigm, "they" see themselves as The Adversary to God/ Spirit/ Source/ Eru Illuvatar it'sSELF.

So what is manKIND to them, if not "the Enemy"? Of course, we'll assume that you have put aside the illusion that "government" or "authority" exists to serve you.

['Government' (noun), from 'guvenare' (to control/ to steer) and mente (the mind)... "GOVERNMENT" IS MIND CONTROL]

From the more mundane perspective, these petty tyrant poly-tick-ian types (those trained in the elitist "education" camps, as opposed to those indoctrination centres designed for the masses - see John Taylor Gatto's masterly work) see themselves as the managerial class; those with the necessary (authoritarian) "education" to (forcefully) direct and control the perceived ignoramus class. In their power-hungry eyes we are simply a stock to be traded and directed with impunity. Human trafficking extends far beyond the usual parameters given for this most heinous of crimes... I.e. if you have a birth certificate, then you are being trafficked (see Maritime/ Admiralty/ Civil "law"). On a side note, which president did more to stop human trafficking than any other?

'Office Hunters of 1834' by James Aiken

That our beloved Establishment comes from a very select few families is well documented. The bloodlines of these Canaanite/ Phoenician/ Black Nobility families is covered in great detail in Janet Ossebard's* great work (see link below) and so I won't go into great detail here, but I will say they are the descendants of the biblical Cain: the brother who murdered and ATE (this is important as you'll see shortly) his own sibling Able. One brother beloved by the One, the other in his envy becoming utterly evil. Here we see duality continuing to play out after the original "fall from the oneness of The Garden/ the Womb/ the Monad.

Cain.ate.Able - CainAble - Cannibal - CanniBa'al: the dark Babylonian priestarchy that emerged from the land of Canaan (descendants of Cain) worshipped a dark god named Ba'al who demanded human sacrifice, notably children.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against a spiritual wickedness in high places."

~ Ephesians 6:12

Though the dark agendas in our realm are perpetrated by flesh and blood p(m)uppets, on the more esoteric (deeper/ hidden) level, there is a far more sinister force at work. Behind those lustful, evil-blackened eyes of the tyrant in-carn(e)ate, there is another intelligence pulling his/her strings. That force that was summoned through millennia of dark sorcery and human (notably child) sacrifice.

On the edges of Midgard/ Middle Earth, in the bardos that surround our realm, are formless entities capable of influencing the weak through suggestion, or even of full possession of those who have murdered their own connection to Source through the most heinous acts of cruelty (think Satanic Ritual Abuse). Thus, they have burnt out their ABL(E)ity for compassion or empathy.

In their hungry, undead eyes we, as unawakened livestock (or the 'spiritually dead' as they are fond of calling us) kneel before them in the food chain, propping up their authoritarian pyramid with our forgetfulness (of Who and What we Truly are).

The meme pathogens, the egregors that possess their chosen human target - again, one who has murdered their Conscience - see humans energetically and opportunistically as a source of food, or 'loosh'; either vessels through which they can enter into "The Matrix" and puppeteer, or as those to be literally fed upon vampirically by their carnivorous mannequins.

Scary shit, right?

'Newton' by William Blake

Sure, these egregors can animate the soul-less bags of meat and bones we call "authority".

Sure, with an abnegated Conscience these empty vessels can be driven to commit the most egregious atrocities imaginable; controlling their earth-based assets by activating their base emotions (namely lust and fear/ scarcity), as well as inflicting the worst pain and fear imaginable unto the most innocent among us; this terribly focussed state of trauma in the innocent being creates the maximum electromagnetic loosh for the vampire's harvest.

However, one who opposes Creation is bound to be entropic (dying in energy) and reliant on the domination of others for power.

One in harmony with Creation is NEGENTROPIC (emergent, abundant, boundless in Energy, infininte in Creative capacity), and reliant only on SELF/ Spirit/ Source for Power.

And so these spectres/ ghouls/ apparitions are power-less when faced down by a manKIND that stands in the Truth of WHO they REALly are:

Spirit embodied. A conscious dreamer, acting with the AUTHOR-it-Y of Life it'sSELF.

Did you ever wonder who/what/why they dreamt up the con that the Uni-Verse is mechanical? That you are a cosmic fluke? A mon-u-ment(e)all accident? Why the sudden shift from man as Divine, to man as machine?

Rather than a beautiful, NATURAL, bountiful Garden, these phantoms see only a "simulation"... artificialty... a "machine". A pitiful projection of their own fallen (Separated from the WHOL(y)E) state of mind.

This is why they despise all that grows wild and free.

This is why they seek desperately to dominate and control.

YOU, my wild and free friends, re-MIND them of all that they have renounced: God it'sSELF.

And this is why they despise YOU (an awakened, authentic YOU). "They" (the FoE - the Forces of Evil) know full well that in potentia - if we RE-MEMBER (i.e. to become WHOL(y)E) - we become far more power-full than they, for we still have our Divine connection to Spirit, to Source. If our Authentic, Natural SELF, free of The Enemy's mind worms and conditioning, is in alignment with Life it'sSELF, rather than in the hopeless position of opposing it, we are FREE to I-MAGI-ne a beauty-full dream, rather than the nightmare these wretches have belched upon our realm.

As re-membered beings, we have substance, where they have abdicated their soul and become wraiths: formless, hungry ghosts.

So, with this in MIND, how do we defend ourselves against those entities, both physical and ethereal, who would have us, at best, live in a meaningless simulacra of life, and at worst be culled entirely?

The first thing we have done is to properly identify the force that drives this tyrannical globalist/ "satanic" agenda; the hungry ghosts that crack the whips of our physical would be overlords... Unless we know who and what seeks to enslave us, there can be no hope of mounting an effective defence.

In the next episode we will explore more specific strategies to banish The FoE back to the Void (for at least another Age).

{to be continued}

~ A.J. Dunbar

"Life is endless battle and conflict, and you cannot fight effectively unless you can identify your enemies. Learn to smoke out your enemies, to spot them by the signs and patterns that reveal their hostility. Then, once you have them in your sights, inwardly declare war. Your enemies can fill you with purpose and direction."

~ Robert Greene, in 'The 33 Strategies of War'

*Janus - the goddess of portals/ doorways

Osse - the gods

Bard - a messenger

['Janet Ossebard' is 'The messenger of the gods who leads you through the doorway']

The Sequel to The F@LL 0F THE C@Ba'aL by Janus Osse-Bard:


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