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In Our Darkest Hour.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

To those who have stood for Sovereignty, who spoke out against evil, and who rose against those who presume to "unite" the world through tyranny and the absolute loss of individual freedom.

I have no specific information to write of here regarding events in the U.S. (though I do know that all is not as it seems - War Castles/ City States/ Foreign Nation on Sovereign Soil/ Castling/ Sicilian Defence), but I do have an innerstanding of how the Uni-Verse ('One-Song') mirrors Mythology and how it runs on what Terry Pratchett calls 'narrativium'. I do now realeyes that which Tolkien knew and said so often: that his masterwork was "not fiction".

With Trump stepping down it would seem that the Ring of Power is almost in Sauron’s cold, iron grasp. The capitulation of the last bastion of any sense/ of what Freedom means and why it is important, would ensure our descent into global totalitarianism, and which would seal a (continuation of the) Dark Age of the FoE (The Forces of Evil; Empire; Mordor).


The Mouth of Sauron (the m@instre@m Medea - the enchanters) are mocking us... Frodo’s mithril shirt has been flung as a token of despair at the feet of the new King (YOU)...yet “hope still remains whilst the fellowship is true”.

In the Battle of the Morannon, the hosts of the Free Folk stood SOLID, and with HEART, even though it seemed like All was lost, and despite the uncountable horde marching toward them. The last hope of manKIND knew that all that mattered in this final reckoning was the Rightness of the Action taken: the act of resisting Tyranny itself.

I wrote recently about how Frodo, when doom was upon him, was unable to cast the ring into the fire, and how it was only through his (psychological and physcial) shadow Gollum that his ego could be brought back in line with Universal Will, rather than the egoic will to power. My good friend Steven reminded me of this most ESSENTIAL of points: it was only in Gollum's triumphant victory dance that the Ultimate weapon was destroyed forever. In short succession, two unrelated friends both said, in separate messages, that Biden could well represent that same Gollum energy. In his lustful seizing of the Ring, Biden may well be sealing his and master's demise.

And so, I ask you, my friends, just as Aragorn asked Gandalf regarding whether Frodo is still questing toward Mount Doom:

“what does your heart tell you?”

My answer is the same as Gandalf's after looking within: “that he’s (that hope is) still alive”.

What does your heart tell you?

Though this is our darkest hour, though ALL seems lost, we must continue to stand, steadfast in our resolve that the hordes and the shadow of Mordor will not prevail.

“For Frodo”, in-deed.

~ A.J. Dunbar


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