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LSD culture. New Age. The Puer/ Puella (& Hobbits).

Just as with all tools, psychedelics can be both useful, as well as having the potential to be the petard with which we hoist ourselves. The "love and light" bubble that both psychedelics and New Age positivism creates can result in regression to the infantile state.

"Reality is scary, let me bliss out and stay "positive", because confronting the darkness both without and within is overwhelming and doesn't FEEL good. And we all know feelings are Reality".

This ethos is found, not only in festival and New Age culture, but also in the Hobbit folk (generally speaking). They eat, they drink, they schmoke, and generally live merrily, though they remain supremely vulnerable to the Forces of Evil - the FoE - that lie just beyond their perception. However, this ignor(e)ance works with the Puer Aeturnus (the 'Eternal Child') only for so long. As the Puer gets older he will feel "stretched out" (just like Bilbo experienced). Our over burdened inner-child is aware that Reality beckons and that a richer more mature life awaits, however it requires an initiation into adulthood (a function traditionally performed through initiation rituals).

How many people (myself included, for a time) do you know that fit this Peter Pan archetype? It didn't happen by coincidence.

A chieftain among his social engineering class, Herbert Marcuse's dream was to perpetually stave off this rite of passage that opens the doorway to adult-life, and so create the willing serf that Huxley warned/ prophecised of in Brave New World. Rather than the traditional tyrannical jackboots of "government", Marcuse and Huxley real-eyes-d that 'a really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the [majority of the gen pop]... slaves... do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude'. Feminised, security-seeking and utterly dependent on the poly-tick-all classes.

"The range of socially permissible and desirable satisfaction is greatly enlarged, but through this satisfaction, the Pleasure Principle is reduced deprived of the claims which are irreconcilable with the established society. Pleasure, thus adjusted, generates submission."

~ Herbert Marcuse

Positive masculine energy - existing in both men and women - delays gratification, meeting reality head on to improve things for oneself and then for one's community. But this involves taking complete responsibility for one's life and moving actively with Nature, rather than floating wherever the tide takes us in our artificially-induced, trance-like existence; the womb.

And the wonderful thing for the Tavistock Institute is that once they hack that dopaminergic system - all drugs/ junk food/ internet/ porn/ social media hyper-stimulate dopamine production - and set it into overdrive, the daily small simple tasks that move one toward true Mastery don't give the same neurotransmitter reward.

How better to keep your herd controlled than to have them chase false gods (the idolatry that comes with the pleasure principle)?

How dangerous to have them take up Kingship (godhood) within their own Realm and lead themselves?

Marcuse and his cronies think that your Right to Freedom is deplorable. It runs contrary to the social engineer's designs to control every aspect of both your life and your consciousness. Being blissed out (exhausted), whether through drugs, New Age positivity obsessions, over stimulation sexually, through drugs, or through work, is far more acceptable to their nefarious plans. There is only one brand of "authority" that they wish you to re-cognise: THEIRS.

The alternative to dancing in the mud forever is to develop authentic masculine purpose and Author-ity: the ability to be the Author of one's life. Dionysius has his place, but his gift can only bring true, divine ecstasy if done ritualistically and infrequently. Honour him and he will grant you infrequent, but quenching Bliss. Chase the rotten carrot of dark dopamine on Marcuse's treadmill and you guarantee that Nirvana forever eludes you.

~ A.J. Dunbar


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