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Dan Fogelberg's lyric "Found deep water before I'd even learned to swim" helped me unlock what Nirvana were trying to tell us with their iconic artwork for 'Nevermind'.

When we are "birthed" into the Maritime Admiralty "law" system - (rather than BORN as a child/ emanation of God) we are, according to their legalese-based Matrix, "lost at sea". We are no longer a living man/ wombman, but a corp(se)oration, to be traded by those the baby is "registered" to (to give up ownership/ rights to The Crown/ Vatican), as cargo; a piece of paper/ a bill of goods that exists in place of the soul. The soul has a Natural Lore Right to not be coerced or had violence done to it... a piece of cargo/ chattel property does not.

And as a corp(se)oration, the newly birthed life (tricked into non-life) finds itself in deep water (the Maritime/ piracy system), chasing the very thing that its infinite, innate value has been replaced by: the finite, illusory, fraudulent determinant of value in Babylon's Luciferian construct - FIAT (Monopoly) currency.

The baby is taught by fellow corp(se)orations that his worth is based on the external - Luciferianism - accumulation of things, rather than the treasure held within - Christ consciousness. Rather than going into the mountain (going within and into meditation) and unlocking the Ark of The Covenant, she chases pseudo self esteem through the false construct of mon-ey(e), sinking further into The Dead Marshes.

The true mon-eye is within your temple(s), but in order to awaken it, the two (the dualistic, fallen self) must be-co-me ('be-with-me') One.

One must resurrect the Soul and re-member their True Value.

~ A.J. Dunbar


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