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On Christ/ (w)Hol(e)y Consciousness.

A response to a question about the concerns posed by a fair few interpreters of the Bible and Revelations' "Mark of the Beast".

Firstly, the writer of the article above has actually lifted a lot of it from a YouTuber called Probably Alexandra (unless it is her), but I don't see any credit given. Not cool!

Obviously these are my opinions and felt Truth. Make of it what you will.

The bible is taken too literally by writers like this, rather than being innerstood as a roadmap for Consciousness' (God's/ The Uni-Verse's/ Source's) evolution. They place every "thing" as outside themselves, rather than innerstanding that, in truth, there is no "thing" - "IT" is ALL WHOL(ly)E. This is the problem with all (orthodox) monotheism (as opposed to their mystical roots) and is itself a Luciferian trap - to divide; to oppose - that was set by the orthodox Babylonian priestarchy, who were themselves Luciferians, who warped the Hol(y)istic mystic-all teachings of original Judaism/ Christianity/ Islam to gain con-troll over the children of G0d.

Orthodox monotheistic (false) religion (from 'relegare': 'to tie, or bind') separates you (makes you un-WH0LLY) from G0d by placing G0d/ Jesus as something outside of y0u. G0d is Energy, is EVERY "THING", is the Infinite Potential n0-thing-ness that ALL springs from, including Y0U. Y0u are a lens (your pineal) through which G0d experiences it'sSELF (it-is-SELF)... this is Christ C0nsciousness, not an EXTERNAL saviour - the Christed 0ne (NE0) is a state of Being available to any0ne who re-members (becomes wh0le). Interpreters like the one writing the article are stuck in the fallen, dualistic state of consciousness with their focus on the "out there", rather than SEEING the state of Unity that already IS(is).

"The eye with which I see God is the eye with which God sees me." ~ Meister Eckhart

Yes, there is still a system of government looming on the horizon once the Satanic Dark World Order falls (it wasn't coming, it was already here), but it seems to me that the system being borned (not "birthed") is less centralised, fairer and a less evil one than that which is being demolished... And it's this process of evolution and the movement toward greater freedom of consciousness that I feel that views like the one in the article fail to innerstand, because they themselves are cut off from the deeper truths about (w)H0L(le)Y Consciousness; namely, that Consciousness it'sSELF (it-is-SELF) is no-thing else if not a movement toward greater and greater self knowledge and freedom.

'The Law of Rhythm' by Dominique Hurley

This is the important thing that interpretations like the one in the article miss:

Consciousness evolves like a pendulum (the 'Law of Rhythm' in Hermeticism)... it swings back and forth from one extreme to the other. Knowing what we know about what was happening in the underground dark places to our children, by the Satanic powers, gives us an idea of how extreme things had gotten (the pendulum had swung ALL the way to the Left)... But now, as the pendulum of the Uni-Verse swings back toward center (to a Golden Age), we have to pass through all the degrees of the swing before getting there; the pendulum can't suddenly find itself in the center, it must progress from utter EVIL, through BAD and so on.

There was very little chance of Christ (consciousness) returning on the Maritime, corp(se)orate, necromantic, slave-economic, Dark Cabalistic plantation, where we were reduced to "living" as dead souls in pure materialism (your "birth certificate" legally turns you into a dead thing, rather than a living, SOUL-full being). I.e. Where we were first tricked into the beLIEf that we were separate from G0d and then worse: programmed with the Scientismic beLIEf that there is no God - that the Uni-Verse ('One-Poem') is an accidental machine, cold and unloving. Both hogwash.

But Christ consciousness (i.e. SELF Consciousness - the state of Being that comes when you realeyes that you are an integral movement of God) may be able to flourish when the strain of economic slavery and the resulting scarcity is removed. And perhaps this is what revelations is talking about when it prophecises the return of Christ (consciousness) shortly after the 2nd Beast system.

However, I'm not entirely sure this coming Quantum Financial System (QFS) is this 2nd beast, rather than a return to Natural Law (God's Law) and fairness. Perhaps Admiralty/ Maritime/ Civil "law" (the law of the dead) was the first beast, and the proposed "law"/ global collectivism scheduled by the Dark Ones for Agenda2030 was the Beast of the Land (the 2nd beast).. it would certainly fit the idea that they were taking their piracy from the high seas (Maritime "law") to claim ownership of the (entire) land/ world. The Dark One/s had their version of the oath mentioned in this article (which they call 'GESARA' and conflate with the QFS), which sounds similar, until you realeyes that the dark version (see Canada's recent attempt at this) requires you to swear an allegiance to the state (not to the betterment of humanity) and to give up all ownership of property (i.e. communism, which is Satanism - it is anti-life/ anti-creativity etc). In duality there is always Polarity, therefore there must be a Light version of 'GESARA'/ Communistic system. From what I innerstand about the QFS, no such satanic demands are made.

Rather than Trump being he who brings in the beast system, I have been wondering if the presumed President-elect Biden (or perhaps even Obama - look at the saviour symbolism around this demon) wasn't the "false messiah" the bible speaks of... the majority of the world accepted this appointment and the prophecy suggests that the true saviour will be resurrected not long after this false claim is made. Trump's return shortly after? Again, I am not saying that the saviour is an external one alone, but the external MIRRORS the internal - 'As Above, So Below'.

All that being said, it's my sense that the new Quantum Financial System and all the abundance brought through liberation from the spells and slavery of the FoE (Forces of Evil) will pose some obstacles to many in re-membering (making whole again) their Divinity (the return of Christ consciousness). If we are given every "thing" we've ever wanted, will we have our eyes solely on the "external" world, rather than our EYE on our SELF (our own Consciousness)? If suffering is reduced and there are far less obstacles in our way, will we cease growing? HOWEVER, I do feel that the FALL from the Unity consciousness of Eden into duality (i.e. monotheism, Good and Evil, God being Separate from you) was a necessary part of the pendulum's swing, and that as it swings back towards a state of Eden (always accessible if you RE-MEMBER), more and more will begin to a-wake from the illusion of duality. Only, having known duality, Paradise (Unity) will be that much more appreciated.

The question is: will we be deceived by more promises of materialism (of the treasure "out there"), a'la Marcuse's form of social engineering and use of the pleasure principle? Or will we see the Truth of the matter? That The Answer to Life, the Uni-Verse and Every"thing"* has been there all along: it IS this PRESENT moment; your CONSCIOUSNESS. Do you SEE?

As the article itself quotes:

“19. Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven [RE-MEMBER that you are WHO(ly)E - Heaven AND Hell(a) are 0ne], where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break in and steal [Consciousness is ETERNAL; The PRESENT moment is ETERNAL]: 21. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also [[KNOW THYSELF]]” ~ Matthew 6:19-21 (KJV)

But your heart does not need an external "Jesus" to re-member that Y0U are already WHOL(ly)E. In this moment, are you separate from what IS?

* The Answer is 42, by the way**

**42 = 6 - The Heart, Love, Loving The Journey (of Man) [Dharma], rather than [Karma] needing the end result or material treasure.

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