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On Odin/ Christ/ Aragorn/ Krishna/ Buddha/ Zoroaster (etc.) / YOU...

The awakened man stands still at the centre of this wheel. He is aware that he is on his Hero's Journey and is conscious of the Rites of Passage he must face throughout his Life/s. While the 8 realms revolve around him (the Wheel of Samsara/ Karma), his consciousness has been made Whole by seeing and feeling (w)holistically.

Most importantly, he fully inhabits his body and becomes an Authentic (awakened/ integrated) Individual in the 9th world: Midgard/ Middle Earth (the centre of the wheel) where souls come to experience challenges, feel sorrow and joy, all for their (And Nature's/ Cosmos's/ Spirit's) evolution and education. The wheel is represented in the Norse mythos as Ægishjálmr, or 'The Helm of Awe', which in turn is a 2D representation of Yggdrasil, or 'The World Tree'.


He is Odin/ Christ/ Aragorn: the one who has discovered the Runes; the real-eyes-ation that ultimately all is Self. In doing so He/She has united the physical world of Man and the metaphysical plane of Spirit. Though he is not The Creator himself, whilst the wheel turns, he can choose to play the game of masks at will... he can be anyone.

And through multiple life times (as well as in this one), this is exactly what the Consciousness that is YOU has done.

But importantly, YOU as Odin (I The Magus/ Christ Consciousness) have come HERE and NOW and CHOSEN to inhabit a specific temple: your BODY.

Post-modern thought (decades of left-brain entrainment), where the intellect and bodily intelligence are split often evokes a "Who am I? Where is the Meaning in life?" moment, as Alexander Lowen points out. The despair, the feeling of disconnectedness, all the first world anxieties and ailments, can be put down to a schism between the left side of the brain (intellect) and the Right, which includes your body's SOMATIC intelligence (your roots; the Unconscious; the Imagination; Intuition.

We are trained, conditioned, programmed by various (Tavistockian) influences from "birth" (another story), to operate primarily in the fourth of Jung's cognitive functions: thinking. This is the purpose of all Government schooling*: to disconnect you from your Naturally given, Magickal powers (the imagination, ‘somatic’ intelligence) that evolve as you fully embody your Soul's Purpose and overcome the fear of being yourself ("autophobia").

True Education is first Knowing your self - to individuate and emerge from the collective as a differentiated and embodied being, so that you may Know The Self - the undifferentiated Source of All.

This is never going to be the overt aim of the 'Statist ("government" run) "school". Even the word "school" is a spell cast by the social engineer Saruman type.

A school is bunch of fish.

Odin (you) came here to be a Hero, not a fish.

*i.e. the authoritarian indoctrination programme, or more accurately, the "Prussian Education System"

~ A.J. Dunbar


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