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On "Operation Warp Speed"

"You know there's a flip side to that coin" ~ Heat

"As a result of Operation Warp Speed, "Pfizer" [often pronounced as "FISA" in these speeches] announced on Monday that its China virus ["]vaccine["] is more than 90 percent effective" ~ DJT

"Pfizer" = FISA [The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act]

The Significance of WARP SPEED in Star Trek canon:

"On Earth, warp drive was initially developed by Zefram Cochrane (not Zack Effron, Aaron), in the period following World War III" [The War on Consciousness, prosecuted since WWII]

"World War III was alluded to as a potential result of the Sino["Chinese" communism*]-Western trouble".

What happened after Warp speed was discovered?

- It was the maiden voyage of Cochrane's ship 'The Phoenix' (the highest state of consciousness of Scorpio; the wounder healer; that mythological bird that has been resurrected from the ashes) that gained the attention of a benevolent Alien species and led to First Contact and assistance in ending Earth's suffering.

- The end of usury and debt-based slave economies (see Rothschild and Phoenician central banking cartels).

"The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force of our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity." ~ Jean-Luc Picard

(see Quantum Financial Systems)

Do you see the irony of Donald Trump being the one chosen to usher in this new age? This is NOT about ego, not about Power... it's about evolution; reaching our potential as a species, rather than being held back by the worshippers of Thanatos (of Death) - The Phoenician cults who have held humanity as livestock for millennia. Yes, we have to cleanse the corruption (see the letter after P), but with enough Care and attention, with rest and recuperation, we will stride toward ManKIND's destiny renewed. Blessed and reinvigorated with a new Mythology - the "Greatest of Stories" - to act as our guiding compass.

This is the new Gen-ISIS - The Generation of Care (ISIS - The Divine Feminine Principle); the EMERGENT process. IT. ALL. BEGINS. WITHIN.

* i.e. Satanic ideology/ pathology

When our sights are aligned, not on greed, but on growth, on creativity, we will build back better, but not in the vision of the psychopathic Klaus Schwab (see the World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset'), but with each individual following his/her guiding star. We will become SOVEREIGN MAST-STARS; those who follow their Dharma and their Deepest (SOUL)Purpose.

Personal fulfillment will not mean chauffeurs and hot tubs, but expression and Freedom, Care and compassion. We will not be imprisoned within "smart" cities and declined access to our Mother Nature (Schwab and his ilk's 'Agenda 2030'), but free to build in harmony with Her and create a Promethean beauty, the likes of which have long since faded from our ancestral memory (Atlantis; Lemuria). What was destroyed by the cataclysms of old will be crafted anew and will tell of this great victory that each one of you was born to witness, and some of you destined to help achieve.

I am honoured to have stood with each and every one of you who played your part in this last of the Great Wars: The War for your Soul. Biden's campaign was not mere poly-tick-all rhetoric; his "battle for the Soul of America" was telling you exactly what was at stake. For this has been nothing less than the archetypal Battle between Good and Evil, between Tyranny and Liberty; Tolkien's 'War of the Ring'. A War that could never be won by the FoE (Forces of Evil), but one that had to appear that way for the Soul Purpose of the evolution of humanity; of Consciousness it'sSELF. With no Enemy, there is no Hero (YOU).

In order to bloom into the potential greatness that was seeded in us all, it was necessary to be lost (for a while) and smothered by the darkness of the 20th and 21st Century. Seeds only flourish in the deep dark and with pressure, without which there can be no Growth; no (World) Tree; no Fruit.

Though we may yet have the remainder of Winter before us, the Sun (Son) will be born again (our own Christ Consciousness - not "out there", but WITHIN) and this coming Spring will be like no other we have witnessed.

For-give-ness (to be given ALL; to see The Plan) is coming. And at warp speed, captain.

~ A.J. Dunbar

P.S. What letter is a prominent time-traveling being in Star Trek?


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