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On Pines, Sheep and Zombie Goats.

So pine needles seem to be what people are recommending to help with damage from the quackcine (read disclaimer below). This makes sense from the perspective of 'the Law of signatures' - those plants which look/ are named similarly to body parts tends to be effective in bring said part back to a state of health/ homeostasis (balance).

This quackcine is purported to impact on one's ability to connect back to God - i.e. to achieve a state of wholeness. The pine-all gland is one of the most important portals through which this yokes back to God occurs and so it would be synchronistic if PINE needles were the salve to this new threat to our ABELity to real-eye(s) our divinity.

Did Terry Pratchett know about this danger before he died? Did he give us some clues? (to be continued)

****** DISCLAIMER: I have read numerous sources that state that consuming pine needles can bring about termination of pregnancies, so be very wary of this if already with child, or wanting to conceive ******

In Terry Pratchett's Masterfully funny (and wonderfully insightful) Discworld series there is a white witch called Granny Aching, who doesn't necessarily know that she is magickal. She is a shepherdess who tens her flock and community with the (often tough) love of a true guide, mystic and healer.

It is said that she can cure SHEEP from almost any ailment(e), but that it usually boils down to involving turpentine.

It turns out that turpentine derives from pine trees. Is this relevant to our current situation regarding the quackcine and it's reported (un)ABELity to prevent us from yoking back to God? I think so.

The allegory of pine trees (see the relevance to the pine-all gland in the previous post) works on a couple of levels. The first is the obvious one: we joke (sometimes lovingly, often frustratingy) about those who are blindly following the Medea and other Mouthpieces of Sauron blindly as sheep.

On this level, and if true, it would be fitting that the pine tree would provide a tonic that lifts people out of livestock-hood ("NO UNAUTHORISD ROAMING!") and into Sovereignty (when they would actually be-co-me reborn as THE LAMB/ ARIES/ ARISE.

But there's another, perhaps more esoteric meaning to be explored.

Sheep, in biblical terms are an allegorical representation of the perfect thoughts of God. They are the antithesis to the goat (an allegory for The "d-evil"/ ego). Sheep are pure and simple, staying within the boundaries set by the shepherd (by God), i.e. following Natural Lore/ basic morality. Goats are capricious and will voraciously consume and devour anything within The Garden (of...), whether it is meant for them or not. Pratchett points this out when he tells of goats purposefully going against the wishes of young Tiffany Aching (a Christ-like figure).

So to be a sheep, in the highest sense, is to remain connected to the RIGHT hemisphere/ hand path, which is still in communion with The Divine. Perhaps it is through natural remedies, such as those provided by the pine which will remedy a disaffected pine-all gland and prevent a zombie apocalypse of ravenous goats.

Addendum: Pine trees are also indicators of air-quality (air is the breath of God/ Prana). Through a process of measuring the MAGAnetism (= Free Energy) of the surface of pine needles, the pureness of our air can be determined. Indeed, where do pine trees/ evergreen thrive? In the centre/ magnetic North of our Middle Earth - in our crown, just as our pine-all gland is located on the microcosmic scale, within our temple.

~ A.J. Dunbar


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