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On Re-cognis(e)ing and Innerstanding The Adversary Within.

"Well, my name is Lucifer. I'm 5'8. I love to Snowboard. I love quiet nights and going on dates, cafes and going to local stores.". He said, "I also wrote books: the 'Origins of Rosicrucianism', 'Magick Rituals', 'Origins of God', and 'Advanced Metaphysics'... Brief History on Time Travel, Theology of Star Wars, Tarot Cards, Music Stars and My Inner Peace and How I Found Happiness As The Dark Lord".

~ Killah Priest: 'Magnificent Interview'

How strange, VERY strange, when we think about it... that we can continually behave/ act against our own best interests.

What is it that allows the crack addict to slide into oblivion? Or the carb-fiend to grow weak and emasculated?

["WE ARE SPARTA! HA'WOOH!"... sorry, had to reprogram the old cuck to carb neural network there]. I'm okay now, let's continue.

One perspective we can take of the Youniverse is that everything is perfect, all is flow, Love under Will and all that. And on one level this concept is True. But, as we discover, it is all to easy to consciously act in ways you know will cause suffering (like chipoltle).

If the Universe is, as the etymology implies, 'One Song', then why do we often feel out of tune, or unharmonious? How is it that we can act in ways that go contrary to our highest interest? One answer we could contemplate can be found in the mythos of Lucifer.

"Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled."

~The Kybalion.

In Norse Mythology, Odin (The enlightened being; Truth; Order; Divine Will enacted through a Human avatar) purposefully splits into two, to create his "blood brother" Loki (Chaos; Deception; that which opposes God).

The ancient Hermetic Arts taught that one Lore of our Reality is that of 'Polarity'. Every Up has to have a Down. Left implies Right. White needs Black.

For there to be Perfect Order, harmonious LIFE, Deep Connection, there must also be it's opposite: Chaos, Division, corrupting DEATH.

From the Mythological, Jungian, Holographic (etc) perspective, you ARE the Whole, the Cosmos, all of the archetypes, and their polarities. You are Odin and Loki. You are Christ and Lucifer. A little exploration of some of the psychological traits of the latter, the former angel turned Rebel, may well shed Light on our conundrum:

Why are we sometimes our own worst enemy? Why do we sometimes flow against the tide? Why do some beings seek to destroy life, rather than encourage its blossoming?

Before we look at his darker aspects, as with all archetypes, Lucifer has a positive side worth exploring. Lucifer; Morgoth; The White Witch, despite all their faults, embody Ambition, Striving, Eros, and Rebellion. But with it comes Shame, because at it's root, this grandiosity, this psychotic pull to Domination is born of a great desire to outdo the infinite Creative force of the Cosmos.

Psychopathy is the mutant child of a thwarted egoistic desire to be as God. When Melkor (Lucifer) - Tolkien's ultimate Dark Lord, under whom Sauron was a mere henchman - is Told that even his ambitions to outdo his Father were a vital part of the grander designs of the Creator. He felt great shame and rejection at having failed to outdo the Conductor.

Instead of embracing the role in the Symphony of Eru Iluvatar, Melkor betrayed God himself, and in doing so fell, becoming Morgoth (Satan). As Milton elucidated, it was with this falling that Satan vowed to rule in Hell, rather than serve in Heaven. Rather than embodying the positive polarity of ambition, the lust for Life, the wildness that encourages evolution, Lucifer chose to use his Morning Star Light to blind, to deceive, to Tyrannise, and to enslave, in a delusional attempt at reconnecting with his lost sense of Power. All of his actions bringing a pseudo power when compared to the real Juice that comes from a connection to your Soul, to Source.

Lucifer willingly put out his third eye, so that he could make the attempt at control over the Tao. However no eye, no "one" - i.e. ego - can con-troll the ever fluctuating Flow of Life. Again, the attempt and inevitable failure inevitably leads to the shame that corrupts and poisons the otherwise most shining and beautiful of God players.

This attempt to usurp Natural Lore (The Plan) is bad enough when it manifests in the Being of everyday folks we see in the petty power struggles so common in offices, homes and on the street. But is far more dangerous when the shame and inferiority complexes of those with "power" creates the Orc; the minion. Empire calls these henchmen, the enforcers of a corrupted will (lower case 'w') its "dogs"; the servile, obedient and vicious cronies of the Dark pole of Lucifer. Oh how They love their pet names...

- Soldiers are 'soul-diers', hence why they are covered in occult symbolism and sent off as blood sacrifices, to reap and ravage and destroy. Orcs are fashioned in the image of their creator (lower case 'c').

- They call their chattel property (us) "The Dead", because they see us as spiritually dead; as those who have forsaken their response-ability to author own own life. And, in ways, they're right.

When our parents consent to "register" the childling (to give up entitlement to) they are quite literally creating a bonded stock, a corporation, that the state have ownership of and rights to. A Corp-oration is "a dead thing": a Corp(se)oration. In this inverted world (currently in the process of being Righted) it is hardly surprising that a vibrant, healthy, joyous expression of Life is instantaneously deceived into a ARTIFICIAL state of death; into beLIEving that he/she is a soul-less piece of cargo, a coincidental, accidental, piece of meat.

But are They right in their assertion that all of us are spiritually dead?

Are "their" mercenaries in blue and green only "Dogs"?

I would say emphatically: NO.

Sure there are automatonic petty tyrants in costumes, your Nuremberg "order followers", acting out the decrees of their master for scraps from the table, but the archetype that is Lucifer - to oppose freedom/ Life - isn't so crystallised in most that they are willing to completely murder their conscience and do unspeakable acts to non-violent peoples. Though "they" have tried their best to amplify the Adversarial energy within the collective, in order to bring in their twisted hellscape of, what could be The Garden, they underestimate the natural, corrective role of the Lucifer archetype.

The Luciferian aspect of our Being is there to make us feel his shame at being "less" than his Creator; his wound still festers from the attempt at having ego-derived will dominate The WILL (Logos/ Dharma/ Tao). It is this adversarial approach to the Tao/ Life-stream that humbles us and breaks us open to receive the Wisdom, to witness the synchronicity, to actively surrender to Flow, to Beauty, and to ALLOW self to fully immerse in the course of the Mystery (SELF).

~ 'Mount Doom' by Paul Raymond Gregory

Nowhere is this battle to relinquish the con-trolling urge of the ego (Lucifer) more beautifully portrayed than in the battle for the Ring at the crack of Doom.

Without Gollum's trickery and the intervention of fate, Frodo's ego was unable to allow the Ring of Power to be destroyed.

Frodo was lost at the precipice, completely overcome by the lure of Power, and only through his shadow becoming conscious (i.e. that he and Gollum were not so different after all) could that shadow aspect be burnt up in Calcinatio. Frodo and Gollum became one in that moment, representing the integration of the shadow aspects of self. Frodo's journey with Gollum changed his perception of the monster without into one of innerstanding.

Through walking with his monster, gaining compassion where before only fear and hatred, Frodo reconciled the shadow aspects of himself that would otherwise have remained unconscious (and therefore dangerous). Humility and Natural life, free from the iron grip of the Ring, returned to Frodo once he real-eyes-d that no individual power can dominate the strange, evolutionary intelligence of The Mystery: That ineffable, synchromystic enfolding - the Wyrrd - that only the Creator truly overstands.

But, by innerstanding our adversary within and his purpose, we can, once again step into the stream of Life and ALLOW Source to take us exactly where we've been all this "time":


~ A.J. Dunbar

"To understand the knowledge, the son of man must balance

One hand demolished, the other hand was solid

It’s all symbolic, the floors are polished, the doors no blockage

The walls are conscious, all pay homage

All aboard the rocket"

~ Killah Priest


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