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On the Seeking of Perfection

in body, in Mind, in Spirit, is a misperception in itself. It is seeking completion in a process that is already COMPLETE. Yes, there is an unfolding, a movement, an evolution, of Life toward greater clarity, but to mis-SEE the NOW as imperfect, a trap, a prison, a "Matrix" is to negate the Creative Intelligence that moves ALL. It is to remain blind to the WHOL(Y)E. To remain ignor(e)ant to the unifyingly wyrrd tapestry of the Norns that connects us ALL to Source.

This is Lucifer/ Melkor/ Sauron's One Blasphemy - to misperceive Perfection/ Completion/ "God" as a fractured, divided, imperfect THING that needs correcting. To "murder to dissect" in the name of "science" and "progress" (lower case 's' and 'p') is the leechcraft of all vampires, whose one shared vision is that of "perfecting" what, in their tortured psyche, they misperceive as "broken"; as "incorrect".

We are continually reminded through childhood and schooling (mis-sold as Education) that we need correcting, even in the subjective Arts. This does not mean that one does not benefit from guidance, or that the Master Sculptor did not first require a Master herSELF, but the perspective of "wrongness" is a pathological one, and is a quick and lonely road to psychopathy (albeit a road shared by many a cackling and lost tyrant).

But the id-ea of completion, of Utopia (literally "nowhere") is the pathology. In (the Quest-ion for) Truth, there IS only The Process.

And this Process is the enfolding and discovery of SELF, amidst a seething and seeming Ocean of "not SELF".

But, here's The Secret: All of that seeming "Not Self", ALL of Life's Ocean is SELF; "it" IS YOU, though it is infinitely more interesting and FUN to play at being a separate (little 's') self for a while.. say 75 (12; The HERO's Journey) years.

So don't seek for an id-ea of perfection (though it may be fun for a while). SEE the Perfection ALL A-Round YOU.








"Stop ACT-Ing So Small" ~ Rumi

~ A.J. Dunbar

#Art: "Intricate Cosmos" by Shawn Thornton


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