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On Trusting 'The Plan'

As Loralee Scaiffe so poignantly said (paraphrased), "I have problems with the word 'hope'. The word I prefer is Trust".

‘Trust the Plan’ - a *REDACTED* maxim (#theletterafterP) takes on a whole new meaning when 'the Plan' is seen, not as a machination of Man, but as the evolution of consciousness. For there to be growth, there must be challenge. To overcome Fear, there must be frightful forms to face. As Alan Watts often said: it must seem like Black may ultimately win over White, for the game to be ‘worth the candle’. There is a Plan, but it would be myopic to assume that it is a plan of a man/ woman/ human/s (though they will all play their parts perfectly to advance 'THE PLAN').

Mythology teaches us that there is a Grander scope that one can tune in to. It is the Mythological mindset. When you're there it will carry you gently, boldly, back into the Tao; back to YOU. What did your Soul come here to contribute to this Divine Plan?

Thanks to Loralee Scaife [] and David Whitehead [] for the nourishing and deeply insightful conversation that inspired this post.


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