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On Why Convid and Lockdown May Have a Deeper Meaning.

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

A fair and rational Quest-ion regarding the idea that there a group of good guys in the government and military (Queue) who have been working to free us from the DOMINION of Shadow "government" (the FoE), and that they had effectively won this War some time ago, goes as follows:

"Why would Queue allow convid and all the resulting collateral damage brought about through lockdowns (suicide, poverty, substance abuse, domestic abuse etc.) if the War was already won? Why not just arrest all the criminal psychopaths and have done with it? Why prolong this War (on Consciousness)?".

'The Last Days of Pompeii' By Karl Briullov

Well, I sense that this, in essence, is the same Age-old Quest-ion as “if God/ the Uni-Verse/ Source/ Whatever is all Power-full and all knowing and ultimately Good, then why is there Evil, suffering and darkness?”. The answer to this Quest-ion, however, cannot be found through a monotheistic (i.e. dualistic) world view; i.e. that there is a God separate from evil, from suffering, from you, from what is happening, or from this Now moment.

The ancients under and innerstood that REAL-IT-Y was a movement toward greater Consciousness and understanding of it'sSELF; God experiencing his-her SELF subjectively, so that IT learns through individual experience. If you were all knowing and all Power-full all the "time", for eternity, then there is no meaning, no mystery (MyStory). As Alan Watts and the Hindus have it: it would be frightfully and eternally dull. No Quests to ask of the Hero. No Enemy to defeat. No meaning to discover. Boring.

I harp on this point often, but it is important: The Uni-Verse literally means 'One POEM'; 'One STORY'. And, for there to be a story, there must be dramaturgy; i.e. suspense, tension, an Adversary, tribulation and suffering. There must be the not-knowing of what comes next for The Process of discovery to have MEANING... to come to know One's SELF (both on the individual - Micro - and the Cosmic - Macro - level) through the i-MAGI-ning of the "other". There must be a plot and the Law of Polarity for this (Hero's) Journey to make any sense: the Good and Evil; the Joy and the Suffering; the Black and White, the Shadow and Light, that make up WHol(y)eness. My friend, you are not separate from that WHol(y)eness. It just has to seem that way for a while. For the Joy of re-member-ing.

Art by Hakaan Hisim

For dramaturgy and suspense - and this is most important to my point - there must also be individual Free Will for the Divinely purposed evolution of Consciousness; for the Growth of God. In this Greatest of stories (all One Story) you are ABLE to CHOOSE to RISE out of, or remain in Ignor(e)ance. FREEDOM and GROWTH cannot exist without the abl(e)ity to choose unfreedom, regression or stagnation; outcomes not in your own best interest (e.g. to go along with the convid story and play into the dastardly machinations of the FoE).

The people at the top of the totem pole, the secret society factions on both the Light and the Shadow side of the Grand Chessboard (the occulted structures that really rule the world) innerstand this Natural Law; the Cosmic Order and the Purpose and role of Free Will. They innerstand the Truth of the Law of Correspondence (As Above, So Below; As Within; So Without; As with the Uni-Verse, So The Soul). This Law and maxim is often portrayed as "evil", but as with all Occult Knowledge, by itself it is neutral; it is how it is applied and the motive behind it that determine its Positive or Negative Polarity.

And so the Powers that be (g)Know that their plan/s on the Micro scale (i.e. the plan for this world) must reflect that Natural Order that corresponds on the Macro level (The Cosmic Plan)... Individuals around the world must be allowed the Free Will choice of whether or not to engage with ('to fight') Good or Evil for The Divinely Ordained Purpose of Consciousness' Evolution to occur.

God/ Spirit/ The Tao does not do it for you, but it does move through you and through your actions, when you are able to step out of your ego, out of Karma (unconscious action) and into your Dharma (your Soul Purpose/ Vocatio).

With the advent of mass communications technology and so many overt revelations in 2020, for the first time this was a choice that could be made freely, with multiple opportunities to wake up our of the trance induced by Empire and its sorcerer class (primarily the m@instr3@m Medea enchanters). Prior to this, ignor(e)ance or naissance of encroaching totalitarianism and the conspiracy against humanity were (somewhat) innerstandable.

But in the year of 2020 vision, we were asked time and time again to look at and consider an alternative view of the world. A paradigm that had been the subject of ridicule for decades (since the CIA released their memo to the controlled Medea to label anyone quest-ioning JFK's murder as a "conspiracy theorist): the "Truth" movement. But, as Kuhn points out, Paradigm shifts and new ideas follow a set pattern: they are first ridiculed, then violently opposed, before finally being accepted as Truth. Here we see the evolution of thought (and of Consciousness/ Life) and it is in this light that I be-live Tsarion is profoundly right: "Conspiracy work IS (w)HOL(l)Y work.

This is why these past 9 moonths* have felt like the Apocalypse (meaning 'The Unmasking'**); like it has been 'Biblical'. 2020 represented a crescendo of The Symphony, of our evolution, of The War, but it could not be won for us. We had to STAND and SPEAK OUT ourselves. Yes, we needed a saviour in the form of the Light faction (Queue) and the military intervention of said forces, but we also needed to show that we were able to resurrect the SAVIOUR within, through our own Free Will and by facing our own Shadow.

This was the whole Purpose of the Divine Drama, on both the micro and Macro levels: to show that we are worthy and ABLE to RISE.

The Collateral damage to society and the passing of individuals who could not take any more of the trauma inflicted on us by the Dark One/s is absolutely Tragic, but in all Great stories, there is tragedy. In War, casualties are inevitable and there is always great loss. Without this loss and sacrifice, there can be no gain.

However, my friends, I sense that as reward for boldly and bravely facing down The Enemy, in what has been without Quest-ion the Third of the Great Wars (a Spiritual and entirely unconventional War), I feel we are about to inherit the Earth and all of her abundance and generative ability (Free Energy). To wrest it back from the Shadow that has cast its darkness and loss of Soul onto and into us, and has ruled over Middle Earth for millennia.

2020 was the year that many of us were resurrected to a state of Sovereignty ('above rule') and said unequivocably, "NO MORE".

To that end: Cheers, Salute and Cin Don!

~ A.J. Dunbar

* In Norse Mythology Thor had to take 9 steps (9 being the Master, the journey to God Consciousness) following his slaying of Jörmungandr (The Midgard Serpent) during Ragnarok; the Norse Apocalypse.

** an ironic, or purposefully inverted turn up? You decide.


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