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Overstanding Cronos/ Saturn to Bring True Eternal Life.

Saturn/ Cronos is that energy/ mindset which brings the fear/ anxiety associated with mortality. It is a sense of restriction that brings about a vampiric tendency. To try to consume as much of Life as possible before (we wrongly assume) Life consumes us. One fears the end of life so much that to prolong it by any means becomes the primary goal. Cronos devoured his own children so that he might endure (see 'adrenochrome').

One becomes undead, existing, but not living; disconnected from The Source.

This corresponds with Reichian discoveries of bio energy.

Saturn is the constricting, limiting, sculpting energy of The Plan, of the Great Enfolding, of the Wyrrd. Without the world serpent Jörmungandr (same restrictive force) matter could not form as energy (manifesting as you, the chair you sit in, the world in all it's awe-some Glory), would expand boundlessly.

The cell contracts, but it must be allowed to become loose again.

In our world, however, one god has been raised above all others...

One god, placed as an idol on a pedestal demanding the denial all other divine expression of the Prime Mover: Jehovah/ Saturn/ Cronos. We have been handed a corrupted form of this Divine vibration.

As we disbanded the pantheon of gods and it was declared that thou shall worship no other, our bodies responded in kind on the physical level - our bio energy became constricted, our bodies became "armoured".

Being stuck in a job you hate, in relationships you wouldn't normally choose, in a body that feels like a burden, are all symptoms of a loss of connection to your bio energy; of living in fear, in scarcity, without purpose.

So we can see that becoming "undead" isn't too far away from where we have come as a society.

Millions of people avoiding their own reflection (like the Vampyr) for fear of Jehovah's (the negative Father, or Saturn's) Judgement, bringing about a disproportionate amount of anxiety.

In this turning away from God (for avoiding your own reflection is to not see your true identity, which is Source) we become Morgoth; Tolkien's angel who became consumed by shame when he failed to outdo his Creator.

We aim to strike out our own eyes to spite our Father.

We continue to eek out an existence that is not in alignment with our Soul's Purpose, because we have been taught that to reign in hell (our schizoid ego's creation) is better than to serve in Heaven ( to follow our Soul's Purpose, which takes some degree of surrender of control by the ego). Our part in the GRand Symphony is both predetermined and under our control - we can actively choose, with every freely drawn breath we take, to either sing in harmony with the Grand Design, or to go against Life... The irony being that even by attempting the latter, still that discord adds much needed tension, drama, DRAMATURGY to the Over-All Composition; Beatific and Awe-full in ITs Glory.

Only by re-cognising our physical and psychological tension and through finding ways to re-connect with the disowned gods (which we see demonically manifesting as the natural byproduct of repression) can our Divine communication system within come online. As we become more attuned to those gods within and without (Nature) we will be gifted with Synchronicity, with Omens; the language of our Inner Oracle (SELF).

Allowing all of the divine archetypes to be equally felt restores balance to the most sophisticated conscious entity known to Man: YOU.

As the great astrologer Fiona Aedgar guided me, 'introduce yourself to the gods", re-connect with them and allow their (your) wise-dome to guide you back to center.

Release from Saturn's iron-clad grip of fear allows the true Source energy (your chrism oil) to rise from your Root, up your 33 vertebrae (Jacob's ladder) to light up your pineal.

The "Kingdom of Heaven" does indeed lie within, but there must first come an over and innerstanding of our place in the Grandest of Designs, and a letting go of the disproportionate fear that 2'000 years of monotheism and the Phoenician control system (Jehovah/ Saturn worship) has deeply embedded.

Do not cast out Saturn, but do not misguidedly place this energy above that of Love, Expansion, Empathy.

The Taoist knows that all is Holy (whole-y), All is Flow.


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