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Poseidon, The Minotaur and the Collapse of The Tower

In a recent podcast (which one of my lovely tarot clients suggested to me) the main theory put forward was that it was Poseidon that was being worshipped by today's ruling "elite", rather than the more widely accepted Saturn/ Cronos. "Interesting" I thought, especially considering that in the Rings of Power series Sauron's symbol looks similar to a trident.

So lets explore a little deeper...

Before we do, however, it should be noted that while I will be talking about "gods", this does not mean that I see these archetypes as THE Creator, but more as anthropomorphic personifications of natural elements/ intelligences/ "planets"/ creative forces within that ONE Consciousness. Much as Tolkien wrote of Eru Ilúvatarr creating the Valar, delegating duties to them, I see The One becoming the pantheon of gods/ archetypes/ wandering stars in order to have Change/ movement/ Drama on a Cosmic scale.

Poseidon's Lore

The main piece of evidence in said podcast was that the system of control we currently live as indentured serfs to is called 'maritime law'.* It is said that The Enemy believe they are not subject to the Lore of Cause and Effect (Karma; Hermetic Principle #6), because their system operates outside of The Natural Lore of The Land, which can be summed up as "no moral "right" for another human being to use coercion to rule over another".

However, Poseidon IS the God of the Land in Greek Mythology. Not just that which is visible to us as humans, but also the deepest, darkest lands that exist deep beneath the Oceans. Over 70% of The Earth is covered by the changeable, often violent seas (especially when Poseidon - god of Earthquakes is angered), and hence Poseidon is usually associated with the watery realm. Nevertheless, however, he is very much an Earth god and operates, as with all natural forces, on a Cause & Effect basis.

If we were to take only the first half of the myth of King Minos and the Labyrinth it might make sense that our modern day dark sorcerers are pledging their allegiance to the vibration that is Poseidon. Minos refused to sacrifice his prize white bull to the god and instead hid it, attempting to replace it with another, more ordinary bull. The origin of the Myth is likely founded in The Age of Taurus and so the bull was deified as a symbol of The Creator. The bull is also a symbol of strength, of masculine power and virility, and white represents purity. White is also the colour of the crown chakra; our connection with Source. White includes Red, the colour of the root chakra and one which, if not properly balanced and aligned with the other 6 colours, will run riot in our lives and the world through fear, greed and destructive tendencies.

Perhaps King Minos (whose position meant wearing a material crown) was not willing to "sacrifice" (transmute upwards) his own sexual energy to liberate and open his inner crown, and so reaped the "rewards" Poseidon willed upon him. He claimed Unity and power as his (ego's) own, unconscious of the effect greed (an imbalanced root) would have and so the White Bull's purity, in the experience of Minos and his realm at least, was lost.

And so it was Poseidon's anger at being improperly honoured by King Minos that cursed him and his wife into giving birth to a monster: the Minotaur. Minos' wife (his inner feminine) was overcome with lust for said bull and was willing to go to extreme (and artific-icial) measures to achieve sexual union with it. This produced (unsurprisingly) a monster: The Minotaur.

The beast had a man's body and a bull's head and fed on human flesh. To hide the shame of this travesty of Nature, Minos ordered Daedalus (who helped the Queen in her mission to have relations with the white bull) to construct the Labyrinth, into which the Minotaur was placed - out of sight, but not out of Mind, for the entire kingdom knew of and feared the abomination. So now we see a manic desire to achieve, via artificial means (think adrenochrome), union with source (white bull), as well as the offspring of those affected by Poseidon's curse becoming cannibalistic and having to hide their true nature in dark places. Sounds familiar, no?

On this level then, this may be a reason why "they" would worship Poseidon for having helped to create a new, monstrous species within humanity.

However, although it was due to Poseidon's vengeful will that the Minotaur was born and the Labyrinth constructed, it was also Poseidon who brought it crashing down (god of earthquakes) once the hero Theseus slayed the beast and lifted the curse. The Labyrinth could easily be seen as "The Matrix" constructed by CaBa'al society and culture: a rat race designed to keep people so busy, stimulated and in survival/ scarcity mode that they fail to notice the beast that lurks in the shadows both in the "out there" and which also must be confronted on an inner level. The correspondence of Labyrinth and "Matrix" is backed up by the fact that in the tale, once the Labyrinth was brought down, all the slaves in Minos' kingdom were released from bondage. Sound familiar to the intentions of a certain Plan we've been following?

So we see that natural forces and archetypes ("gods") aren't subject to the demands or desires of those who pledge allegiance to them, especially if they do so from a place of egoic control over one's connection to God. Poseidon's initial intervention was always designed to reveal the monster that is born when we act from greed/ scarcity/ lust and to bring low those lacking in humility and who think can cheat and achieve Unity without sacrifice.

In this myth, we see the external manifestation and power of Earthquake through Poseidon and he certainly takes no prisoners, but those earth-shattering moments are also experienced on a psychological, personal level: The Tower in Tarot - when all that needs to crumble because it is based on a façade comes crashing down. It is in this sense that Poseidon actually liberates us from our prisons, particularly the 'mind-forged manacles' which we are shackled with until a natural, destructive force intervenes (Cause and Effect). In this story we see the Truth that falsity ("evil") always contains within it the seeds of its own destruction... If we try to hide from the darkness, the shame and horror that is universal in all of us, we guarantee that it will destroy our false sense of piety, just as both Minos and the Minotaur were killed in the collapse of the Labyrinth.

We can also see parallels of this earthquake energy in our current world. All those earthquakes at very specific-depths and in those regions where the nefarious tunnels and DUMBs are alleged to be... This can also be said of the current trend of the falling of the facades and masks built up around the so-called elite (e.g. Hollywood, the Biden's, the "royals" etc) and their crumbling before our eyes, revealing their true nature to the slaves who are/ were enthralled by their glamour. Is Poseidon's energy helping to bring down our modern day Labyrinths?

Dualism vs The Trinity

Another (tenuous) connection the podcast sought to make between Poseidon and the "Devil" was that Poseidon's trident looks like a pitchfork. And whilst, yes, this is true, his trident is far more likely a reference to the division of the realms of the three Olympian gods, once they were released from Saturn/ Cronos' belly. Zeus, as the King of the gods, took the heavens/ skies, Hades the Underworld and Poseidon The Land (and the therefore the Oceans). Rather than the dualistic worldview (God Vs The Devil) presented by Orthodox Christianity, which took hold of the Western Mind long after these more wholistic mythos were taught, this division into three AMBIVALENT (neither wholly "good" or "bad") manifestations of The One results in a far more nuanced and mature innerstanding of Nature and therefore of God.

The Lore of Correspondence states:

"That which is as Above is the same as that which is Below, and that which is Below is the same as that which is Above"

Therefore, if we have our darker, more chthonic experiences and proclivities, then so too must that Intelligence which created us. EVERY "thing" in Creation springs from Source and therefore is not other than or separate from that Zero Point.

If we view life in a solely dualistic way, seeing only This and That, God and the Devil, Left and Right etc., - we fail to see the Unity, the Whole(y), Oneness/ God that is inherent when those opposites are reconciled (brought together). The poles of experience (Black/ White etc.) require each other to exist, as stated in the Hermetic Principle of Polarity:

"everything has its opposite; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature but opposite in degree" ~The Kybalion

The mystical, esoteric and alchemical way of the adept (The Master) is to realeyes that duality is not to be completely rejected (Steiner would call this rejection of dualistic experience a Luciferian ideology), but that it is also not wise to be limited to one pole over another. An extreme leaning towards either left or right, light or dark, takes us out of balance, out of centre and therefore disconnects us from Source (both "Left" and "Right"). We need duality in order to have an individual experience in which free will can be exercised, but we must also see that it is through our choices that The Child is born - the resulting consequence of choosing this or that; the SYNTHESIS of balancing left and right.

By reconciling the opposites (heaven and earth/ spirit and matter) and seeing that BOTH emanate from Source, by neither wholly rejecting the left-brain, nor being wholly consumed by its intellectualism, we bridge both hemispheres, both Earth and Sky. Our consciousness is no longer schizoid (split) but is able to see the truth: that you are neither wholly, nor separate from, either Light or Dark.

Yes, the consciousness that is Pan - rejected and repressed by Orthodox Christianity and renamed "The Devil" - is part of that darker pole, but it is not something to be feared or which should instil shame. Burying that animalistic side within a Labyrinth cuts off this vital part of our nature and, as with any repressed aspect of our self, it will unconsciously rule your kingdom as tyrant, rather than acting as a servant to the unity of the White Bull. In our attempts to cast out, or deny our "lower" nature and by remaining unconscious of the effects of such ill-conceived action, we invite the Earth-rending power that is Poseidon to lay low our towers of illusion, so that we may once again renounce egoic claims to the white bull of Unity.

Can we cease to cling to, to grasp desperately for Unity ("I need to work to come back to God; "I need to become pure; "I am ONLY Light") and realeyes that this is the only state that exists, inclusive of Shadow as well as Light?

All is (already) Atum.

~ A.J. Dunbar (Aarongorn)

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