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Snuck Upon by a Mountain

A Poem. About mountains.

Snuck up on a mountain

He took me by the hand

Sat me on his summit

And we bounded to his land.

There I met the others

I shook their granite hands

But that was all so long ago

And now? They're all just sand.

But today I spoke to water

We heard each other's song

I asked her for her healing

She taught me Right from Wrong.

I listened to a tree before

He told me of the Lore

That binds each and every one of us

Stretching back to days of yore.

Snuck upon by a mountain

I took him by the hand

I sat upon the summit

And bounded to His land.

There I found the others.

There we fought back to back.

We watched the birth of a Golden Age

We chose White, instead of Black

~ A.J. Dunbar


Art: 'Mountain in the Clouds' by Jessica Rossier


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