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The Gift of 2020 Hindsight.

"Hindsight", such a trivialised term, is actually one of our greatest blessings. And this has never been more apparent than with the passing of 2020(vision).

If we were always "foresighted", we would forever be under the mesmerism of our prophetic ability. Without the not-knowing, without dramaturgy, without all the suspense, the twists, the unveilings and reveals, there would be no STORY. And, if the Hindus have it Right, the Uni-Verse ('One Song') is, if nothing else, a GIANT* enfolding of the Wyrrdest Story ever Told (The "Word").

If TRUE, THE real (the only) Question then becomes:

WHO do we ALLOW to be the AUTHOR-ity of our Story?

WHO is it that WONDERS at, and is the protanist in, the MYStory?

WHO do we ALLOW to give us the Script(U're) of REAL-it-Y?

WHO IS Truly response-able for our Destiny?

["Who... Who... What are you? A fuckin' owl?"

- well, no, actually... "they" often portray themselves as the all-seeing wise ones... but YOU, my Beauty-FULL Souls are of a Deeper Magick, even than this...]

And, with ALL this in MIND (The Principle of Mentalism; MENT(e)ALL-ism), here's one more twist for you...

2020 isn't actually over.

The false "new year", like everything we've ALLOWed to be AUTHORed for us is a simulacra...

We accepted false religion, false government, false economy, false science, false journalism, false SELFs, in place of the AUTHENTIC; in the stead of TRUTH.

So too we bought the id-ea that the year runs from December to December, but it doesn't and never did/ IS/ will.

The true reckoning of the year is from the first day of Spring - the moment the SUN/SON/SOL/SOUL(ution) is borned (not "birthed") in Aries, the newborn and Divine child - until the last day of Winter, in which we SEE the RISEing again of the SUN/SON/SOL/SOUL(ution) from its T(w)omb on Christ-mass Day and on into the Great Womb of Pisces.

So this story, my friends, has another 3 (The Trinity, the crosses, the days in the Underworld, Creation It'sSELF) MOONths to go until we can look back with Hindsight and begin to see with clarity, wonder and awe, and to Truly Under and InnerSTAND the BEAUTY, of what has GIFTed to us.

However, and of this I have no doubt, the SUN/SON/SOL/SOUL(ution) WILL RISE. Darkness can never reign eternal, despite what POISON the Mouth of Sauron (w)retches forth and would have us be-LIEve.

CHOOSE to BE-LIVE instead.

And with the final passing of 2020 we will never again take the gift of Hindsight for granted.

~ A.J. Dunbar

*see the Norse Creation Mythos


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