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The Great Divide

Somewhere along the way, through the many twists and turns of this Great Story we call 'Life', we have inherited this false sense of our "lower" self, our ego, our lower drives, somehow holding back the development of both our (seemingly) individual consciousness, or of the evolution of the greater Consciousness of the Uni-Verse.

Why do so many of us so often feel like that pesky "me", the inner adversary, is getting in the way of how The Divine Plan should be unfolding?

What if this is an illusion (albeit a necessary one)? Let's explore...

What if The Divine Self/ God/ Consciousness/ Brahman requires the ego, the little you with all his flaws and all her warts? What if Source loves the "flaws" and the "miss-steps" just as much as those steps that lead us back to a greater sense of peace and unity? What if getting lost is just as important as coming back Home?

What if Home is wherever you find your self?

What if all of our wanderings are Brahma's dream, which always and inevitably lead to "you" (little you) waking up and finding your SELF? Perhaps, in any and all moments, you might re-member that it is ALL Self, masquerading as "not-self".

What if it were only through seeing the contrast between "lower" and "higher" that lead us to realeyes the beautiful Truth:

that "lower" and "higher" consciousness are in cahoots with each other?

What if you were to begin to trust that collaboration? What if you were to shower that fearful little you, that small, divided mis-trusting you, with compassion, kindness and forgiveness?

What if that little you were not to be judged or to be seen as a "wrongness"?

The contrast of Light and Shadow, conflict and re-sol-ution, lost and found, all exist to be witnessed by the truest You:

The Essence;

The Witness;

"That which of which there is no whicher"

That which can never be tarnished, no matter how frightening The Story gets.

So "watch with glittering eyes" & be kind to "little" old you. After all,

what drudgery it would be to always know what lies around the corner.

In-joy your ride, my most beautiful wave in the Ocean.

After all, it's why you came here.


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