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The Role of a Wizard {Part I}

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The Wizard, Mystic, or Sage's primary role is to remove the delusions of the ego and to draw power from The Real, from the Source of all which gives rise to, but is beyond the manifest world. He/she maintains balance, both within himself and externally in the world "out there" (i.e. in Middle Earth). It is his/ her role to complete the Magnum Opus - the alchemical process of transmuting lead into gold (leaden, fear-based consciousness to that of the Golden Christed, wHOLeY state) - firstly in himself, and secondly acting as a guide for others wishing to commence The Great Work.

The Wizard real-Isis the truth of the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence - 'As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without, As with the Uni-Verse, So too The Soul' - and that no-thing changes externally, until our own state of mind is sanitised (to be made sane - WHOLE/ undivided). This series of pieces will explore how a Wizard accomplishes this Greatest of tasks and how he avoids some of the dangers common to Occult practice.

In Tolkien's cosmology, the Maiar or Istari - older souls than the World it'sSELF - first came to Middle Earth in secret and in a humble from, despite being mighty spirits. Their role in the Great enfolding of the Uni-Verse's ('One-Song) drama is pivotal, yet they are often mistaken for mere meddlesome types (or absolute lunar-tics) with little better to do than stir up trouble or controversy. We see this in one of Gandalf's many aliases, and when he is refered to, derogatorily, as 'Stormcrow'.

It takes wise-dome to see that, rather than being the one that creates the chaos, or authors the 'lathspell', Gandalf only offers the antidote or wise counsel in such time.

'Yet in two ways may a man come with evil tidings. He may be a worker of evil; or he may be such as leaves well alone, and comes only to bring aid in time of need.' ~ Gandalf

The Wizard is beyond comprehension to the Hobbits; the naïve, innocent, childlike beings who only want the simple comforts in life... good food, a warm hearth and cheery company.

He is utterly unusual, otherworldly and often terrifying to non-mystics!

"Riddles?" said Gandalf. "No! For I was talking aloud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to; the long explanations needed by the young are wearying.”

And so, the Wizard is always viewed with suspicion by the uninitiated. A wanderer in the woods at night, talking with trees and be-hold-ing the stars is rarely seen as a non-threatening presence.

The Wizard in her Quest to innerstand the deeper natures of real-I-tY must go beyond the simple life of the Hobbit, confronting the darker elements of this real-it-Y, both externally and internally. In his questing he knows that unflinching awareness must be brought to all aspects of consciousness; the light and the dark. In doing so she becomes frightening to the normal folk, for they would much rather turn a blind eye to the nature of Evil, to deny the very real existence of The Enemy (aka The FoE; The Forces of Evil), and most importantly to the Shadow elements of Self that exist within us all, i.e. our complicity in the perpetuation of Evil, when we do not take responsibility for the consequences of our ignor(e)ance.

This willingness to delve into the Mystery guides the Mystic to study the Occulted (hidden) arts, which grants a power not accessible to the 85% (the normal, everyday folks).

Art by John Howe

We can see, therefore, that it is not without good reason that the normal folk should tread with caution when it comes to Wizards. For there are in-deed two types - the Dark and the White Mystic; The Psychopath and the Sage - and it is not always an easy task to discern the difference. Both are seen as outsiders from the perspective of both Hobbits, Warriors and Kings alike. Both possess secret (occult) knowledge which can be used for the uplifting of Consciousness (by the 5%), or to bind and dominate (by the 10%) the folks (the 85%) who the 10% see as their "livestock" or property.

"Saruman could look like me in your eyes, if it suited his purpose with you. And are you yet wise enough to detect all his counterfeits?" ~ Gandalf
'Like, and yet unlike,' ~ Gimli.

Gandalf (originally 'The Grey', later 'The White') was known as 'The Master of Visions and Dreams' (the translation of his Maia name of 'Olorin'), whereas Saruman was known as 'Curunir', or 'Man of Skill'. Here the primary difference between them can be seen: Gandalf is deeply in touch with his right brain (90% of the intelligence - visions and dreams), Saruman is left-brain dominant (the 10% of the brain the CaBa'al like so often today that we are limited to; skill/ intellect)*. When one resides primarily in the right hemisphere, when we have tithed our dime brain/ ego to God, one is alive with the reality of "chance" - the word Tolkien chose in-stead of 'Fate' - which is a nod to the synchronistic "coincidences" in Life that occur at just the right moment to drive the Story along.

Saruman seemed far less in awe of synchronicity, mystery and wonder, and would rather force his vision of "how it should be", seeing his "superior" intellect as justification. He chose the path of the psychopath because he was taken over by despair, whilst Gandalf was merely turned 'grey' (i.e. grumpy and downcast) by the suffering of the Age. Unlike Saruman, Gandalf always had a glint in his eye that KNEW that change can occur as swiftly as the coming of the Dawn and that was an INTELLIGENCE far greater than the limits of his own intellect that guides all Life towards Freedom, rather than Dominion. He remained emboldened with hope KNEW that the eucatastrophe (the turning of the tide at the last possible minute) is a distinct possibility when all seems lost.

In order to better innerstand how we can rise to our Greatness as the White Wizard and positive Magus, it will serve our growth to first bring awareness to his shadow:

The Dark Sorcerer.

{to be continued}

*this is the true meaning of what 'tithing' is - to GIVE UP the need for the 10% (of the brain and of humanity) to DOMINATE the 90%.

~ A.J. Dunbar


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