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The S0und of L0ve {Part II}

"Nothing rests; everything moves;

everything vibrates."

~ The Kybalion.

As discussed in part I, the Discworld's Witches live on the edges. They are able to pierce the veil of the everyday world with their vision, carry new souls into the world and help old souls depart. In their dedication to their communities they see all aspects of human life and in so doing they see clearly Good and Evil. They do not deny these polarities of energy their existence, and especially they do not deny the discordant, inharmonious aspects of Life, as is so often the case with those whom they care for. Only with this acceptance - which is not the same as inaction - of Light and Dark, Morality and Immorality, are they able to consciously choose to work for the Good. For they ken that when the dark within our soul is repressed, unacknowledged, or worse still, projected onto other groups or individuals, then the ignorance of our own potential for immorality begins to work through us like a marionette guided by an unseen master. In this way and with this acceptance of the existence of the dark polarities in Life, the witches are truly able to Love, because they know that all "things" coming from Source/ God/ ZeroPoint/ Whatever, vibrate with the love held by the intelligence that sends each forth into the manifest world.

Pratchett's witches are true hermeticists; they know that though the "ten thousand things" may appear distinct and separate, their differences are solely in their mode or rate of vibration, yet their essence is the same. What you see as solid (your phone, for example) is actually energy vibrating at a rate high enough to prevent your hand (another vibrating "thing") from passing through it. But ALL these seemingly independent forms (of energy) flow from the same source, and that goes for Good and Evil alike. Love is not just one sound, one vibration, one "thing". It is ALL things, all vibrations; this is the truth of unconditional Love.

Love, or it could also be named 'Freedom' (as Schelling would call it) is at the root of it ALL. You are so loved, so free, that you are even able to choose unfreedom, or to hate/ fear, rather than embody the Love which, at your core, you are. You are loved unconditionally by the force that "surrounds us and binds us" (Yoda), so much so that you are allowed to make your own mistakes. We are free to chart our own course through the wildernesses, and in so doing, either rise to the heights of the Heroic life, remain in mediocrity and a life un-lived, or worse, descend into the hells brought about by depravity, domination and violence.

Yet, in all cases, Love and freedom is the origin; it is your Ground; the infinite, negentropic potentiality. And with this shared Source of Being, your part in the Great symphony - the Uni-Verse/ 0ne S0ng - doesn't end with death, though the way in which your particular instrument vibrates will change. Like the caterpillar transposing itself into the transcendent butterfly, only the form is revised; one "thing" must die so that another may rise. Or, as the Bhagavad-gita states:

"Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be."

So, I'll let you know when I cease to Be,

but I 'ken that we are (The) wyyrd;

Pretty (and) B0undless.

Are we(e) the dree of Self?

...And finally, back to the answer given by that most canny of witches Tiffany (Tiphareth) Aching:

Preston - “What is the sound of love?”

Tiffany replies - “Listen...”

~ A.J. Dunbar


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