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The Transition From The Devil to The Star

The Tarot's Major Arcana depicts the Journey of Consciousness, both on a microscopic (the in-divine-u'all) level as well as on the macroscopic (societal/ uni-verse-ALL) scale. As beings/ societies evolve, they must transition through each phase (each card), learning the lessons, gaining the strength, and avoiding the pitfalls of each, if they are to continue on the Path to Mastery and at-one-ment(e) (at-one-mind) with G0d/ Source/ SELF/ Whatever.

Much has been said about the Aquarian Age. Almost as much has been said about the Q movement, which has served to awaken millions from their authoritarian-induced trance, deepening their awareness and becoming ABLE to SEE and innerstand the Machiavellian shenanigans employed by those lovely Satanic folks who saw you as livestock.

Both Q and Aquarius are depicted by the Tarot's XVII 'The Star' (Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet). Both the letter Q and The Star card symbolise that helping hand reaching down to lift you from a state of bondage that a previous card held you enthralled in - XV The Devil.

The Devil's inverted world held ManKIND, mesmerised through ego-identification (the delusion of separation from The Divine), as slaves. This (Babylonian) captivity was largely voluntary on the part of ManKIND, as can be seen symbolised in the loose chains on the two enthralled - 'to be held in mental or moral bondage', see also the etymology of 'Govern-ment(e) - worshippers of Baphomet (Capricorn/ Chronos/ The False Saturn, rather than True Saturn, which is the crowned Christ - see The Star). These bonds can be shaken off at any time, but they must CHOOSE through Free Will; to cease placing the ego above others, and step out of the left-hemisphere delusion of separation from God.

When one becomes morally relative ('there is no inherently wrong action'),

When one becomes solipsistic (only I exist, everything else is illusion),

When one is spellbound by a YOLO mindset (rather than an eternal being who should be evolving through Right Action, not devolving through debauchery),

There are no depths to the suffering one can inflict on both themselves and the Earth.

This is how we got to tens of millions of children being trafficked every year to be sold as slaves (and worse).

This is how we got to our Father Sky and Mother Earth being sprayed continuously with a chemical fog, with so few batting an eyelid (and whilst collectively we got sicker and sicker).

This is how we got to a debt-based economy that acts as nothing more than a mon-ey(e) printing service for the banksters and a leash around the working man's neck. ('Job' means 'persecution' and 'he who weeps' in Hebrew)

This is how we got to the greatest ruse ManKIND has ever fallen for: the Convid scamdemic.

But as with all seasons, this inverted world/ phase, must end.

And with this end comes the new phase of 'XVII The Star': ManKIND who knows who he/she is as a child of God. A re-cognis-ing and re-membering that we are beautiful vibrations playing their perfect role in the Uni-verse's ('One-Song') Great Symphony. With this evolved innerstanding of energy and of God, comes a greater re-cognition of what Freedom actually means. They have experienced tyranny and have identified the energy that would hold them capped-T-i've. They experienced the (illusion of) separation from God and found that this game called duality and egoic service to self only brings suffering.

This is Christ consciousness. Much to the consternation of many fear-merchants, it is also Saturnian energy in its positive polarity. Saturn rules both Capricorn (XV The Devil card), as well as Aquarius (XVII The Star). Rather than wearing the false crown of 'time' as seen in Saturn's Chronos manifestation, the True Christed Saturn wears the illuminated crown (chakra), following the realeyesation of his/her true nature.

So following The Devil in card XVII (Q) comes a place of Self-awareness, rejuvenation, healing, and of rest. 17 is also 8 (1+7), which is the eternal pulse of magnetism and the scalar wave, which exists both within you (as the Kundalini energy) and without (as the Zero Point pulses which emanate from Source), and what may be just over the horizon in the promise of Free Energy Technology (see Nikola Tesla). As The Star is Aquarius, technology features heavily, for good or ill. Many a free thinker tells you of the dangers of transhumanism, but few point to how technology may be employed to better ManKIND, not in any dystopian way, but through tapping into the Natural potential of vibration, frequency and energy; technology that has existed (likely) for millennia, but has been supressed.


So, how do we get from the fear and scarcity-based world of 'The Devil' to the liber8d, healing and Sovereign energy seen in the seventeenth card of 'The Star'?

It is through XVI The Tower (struck by lightning) that this transition in consciousness occurs and we have bore witness to this very card/ phase of The Hero's Journey in the CONvid psychological operation (whether a positive or negative one).

The Tower is symbolic of violent, sudden change, which causes the rigid structures of the left-brain (ego) world to crash down. The ego tries to control life by 'taking heaven my force', rather than surrendering to the Natural Flow of things (the Tao), and anything out of line with Nature will always find that She is unforgiving.

Just as Barad-dur crumbled once Sauron's One Ruling Ring was cast into the fire, so too with the three bastions of the Ego-world: the city states of Rome, London and D.C. D.C has been fenced in since January, with the barbed wire facing INWARDS, and experiencing strange flooding (think Isengard). Vatican City was raided in 2020 with charges of massive corruption, and scores of high level Vatican clergy dying with "Covid".

In 2020 we even saw the obelisk* in Washington D.C. struck by lightning, creating an electrical Phi symbol. Phi is used to show MAGNETIC (8) flux through a surface... The obelisk is the phallic symbol of the Ca(i)na'anite domination of our sacred Mother Earth, which is the natural continuation of Cain's attempt to kill his father Adam and turn his Mother into a slave (The Whore of Babylon). The obelisk represents electrical energy (I), whilst the bolt from the heavens created a balancing symbol of MAGAnetism (0).

'The Tower' as G0d Intervention:

The 16 is also 7 (1+6), which in numerology symbolises G0d intervention, or G0d's calling card on this PLANE of existence: it is the PLAY (drama) of our visible light spectrum (7 colours) on our PLANE-T (all the world's a (level) stage); 7 are the luminaries in our Firmament, the 7 archetypal energies that exist both up there and within, as elements of Man's psyche); 7 is the rainbow (7 colours) seen by Noah following the Great Deluge and symbolising Hope and optimism for the future.

Though 15-17 is not an easy transition to make, it is a necessary one, in order to open up access to the higher wise-dome available in the final few cards of the Major Arcana. Whilst those rigid ego structures of the Tower of Babel(on) remain in place, whilst the individual or society attempt to "take heaven by force", whilst one remains under the spell of the left brain and THINKS that one can control Life (and sentient beings), the Tao (flow of Spirit/ Source/ God) cannot move through and liber8 you. The inner oracle of synchronicity, which guides your Journey cannot speak to you, whilst the ego thinks he is in control. There can be no sensitivity to G0d and the Omens when one remains al(l)one in the solipsistic, divided world of the left brain.

Thankfully, it is the lightning bolt of Zeus/ JeZeus/ Jupiter that assists you in this often painful evolution of your consciousness. This is what the even-T* known as "COVID-19" has served to do... to jolt you awake from your comfort zone of Netflix, porn and Doritos, and open your eyes to the covert evil that was closing in on all sides (just as MJ sung in 'Thriller') and was threatening to lead manKIND into an eternal night. Without such an shock, it would have been 90% of hue-manity (those identified with their mask/ identity) blindly following the New World Orders and accepting the panopticon wilfully.

But now MILLIONS of us SEE.

* Even-T:  'To even the 'T'', where 'T' is the physical body and representitive of the need to crossify/crucify one's ego in order to ascend into the 2 higher chakras of the Mind (the '2 fishes' in the Bi-Bull - the double Torus field).  Even-Ts such as this (including The Great Fire of London, the Fall of Rome/ Atlantis etc) serve to raise Man's consciousness.

They say the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist... Well, that trick has gotten old.

We SEE the energy that is Sauron and the vampires for what they are... and after this rude awakening, we WILL remain vigilant for at least another Age against the return of the FoE (Force of Evil).

This transition from the depths of despair and depravity to Greatness and Liber8tion will be-co-Me** the Greatest Story Ever Told.

And you have both front row seats and a lead role, should you choose to step into your True Author-ity.

Namarie to you all.

Aaron Dunbar

*** be-co-Me:  'co' is 'with, so 'be-with-Me'. Become who you were destined to be, and return back to G0d as the Prodigal Son/ Daughter


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