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Why it’s important to take Hopium regularly

Hope is really an act of faith… faith in the T-ruth that everything is divinely ordained and is playing out exactly as it needs to, in order to bring about your liber8tion from suffering. Every event in your experience is another part of the combination lock to discovering your true Self, when we realeyes that all is working for us, rather than against us. Liber8tion is a Universal destiny.

It is the the identification with ego, I.e. falsely beLIEving that you are separate from the whole (separate from God), or that you are random flukes of space dust that magically evolved from pond scum, that leads people to think that hope is naive, or childish. Nonsense. This perspective only leads to despair - that state which the Master alchemical writer Tolkien said was the only true sin.

Despair cuts you off from the limitless possibilities and opportunities that surround you at all times. It is a misperception of the T-ruth about karma/ cause and effect: that all suffering/ all “negative” events in your life are simply aides that are offering you a chance to course correct and bring your actions back in alignment with Natural Lore (Karmic Lore/ God’s Lore). So in despairing you are closing yourself off to the most valuable keys to the “mind-forged manacles” that prevent your liber8tion from suffering.

Worse than this, when in despair, we are saying that we know better than God’s Will. Once again we close ourselves off from the boundless possibilities, from grace, or from the ‘eucatastrophe’ - Tolkien’s term to re-scribe the way in which the tide will turn for The Good, just at that moment when all seems lost.

Those in despair don’t truly want this sudden turn around. Why is that? Might it be that it is only in despair, divided in being and (seemingly in) separation from God, only in that state can the ego can maintain its maniacal grip on (the illusion of) power?

When we yoke back to Source, the ego becomes our servant again, rather than acting as our Master. As Shunyamurti said, the ego state is a larval form of human consciousness… we are meant to move beyond identification with ego and be-co-me the Avatar, the God realeyesd butterfly… only we live in a world full of caterpillars who have been convinced that butterflies don’t even exist. No wonder there are no leaves left, but there’s a consistent supply of black pills.

So then, in the act of remaining hopeful, or better yet in KNOWING that there is a Prime Mover orchestrating this grandest of symphonies, we do not cut ourselves off from that supreme Intelligence. We re-member who and what we truly are, as sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve. And in that Edenic, wholistic state of Being, our reunified, wHOLeY consciousness helps to bring about the eucatastrophe (both Above and Below, Within and Without), that brings the metamorphosis into butterflies, and which no despair can take root in.

~ A.J. Dunbar

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Very needed and reaffirming today AJ Dunbar!! Very inspiring and hopeful for our oneness in the future…watch you on Thursdays with Charlie!!! Excellent shows…keep up the Gods work ❤️Love and peace on Earth…God thanks you from the wholeness of my heart

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