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In Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman Burke's wonder-full 'Mythic Tarot' each card corresponds with an appropriate Greek myth. The 17th Major Arcana 'THE STAR' is Pandora and the ambivalent box which Zeus sent with her to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus.

Zeus, in his more vengeful state, wished revenge upon Mankind for Prometheus' stealing of the sacred fire. Although Epimetheus was aware that Zeus had malevolent motivations for sending his emissary and the chest to him, nevertheless, the naïve and mischievous Pandora ignored his warnings and threats and could not resist opening the lid...

Zeus had gathered within all of the terrible afflictions which Mankind now takes for granted as simply facts of life: Old Age; Sorrow, Labour, Madness, Vice, Dis-ease, and these 'Spites' flew out, covering The Earth and parasitising themselves within all humans.

However, there was one inclusion in the chest which was not malicious in nature: the bright star of 'Hope' had been locked in the box too.

In our current age this myth is so very applicable.

We can see the fire Prometheus stole and gave to Man-kind as the evolution of consciousness to include an awareness of the darker, more Machiavellian aspects of our reality; in short, the gift of a clearer innerstanding of the ways Earth has been kept under the heel of modern day would-be "gods". Prometheus' punishment for deigning to defy these powers was to suffer a horrific fate on a daily basis: shackled, alone, and held on a mountain-top whilst an eagle (representing Scorpio and the transformation of the Shadow side) pecked out his liver. This makes me think of those of us who had been aware of The Enemy prior to 2020's awakening... for the most part alone, trying to bring the fire so that others could carry the torch too, reminded daily in the medea (the enchanter) of the sinister agendas being rolled out, and experiencing a constant, low-level anger at people's inability to see (the liver is the organ which corresponds to frustration, resentment, irritability and rage).

The box containing all miseries imaginable is sent by a vengeful "god" (a so-called "elite") who is full of malice toward us, yet it is within this plan to make us suffer eternally that salvation is found. Firstly, the chest is a device which helps to move us into maturity; into a more realistic perspective of the reality of this realm and out of naivete and ignorance. Is this not applicable to the attempt, which ramped up in 2020, to create an eternal night for humanity? Secondly, as we see in this myth, within that arrogant and mis-timed grab for power there also awoke great Hope.

In the myth we see the star of Hope mysteriously included in Pandora's box, symbolising our ability to find meaning, even whilst the world around us suffers, towers collapse and all seems lost. It is the salve to the despair we find in the preceding cards of THE DEVIL and THE TOWER. Although the past has been full of trials and darkness, it is THE STAR (of hope) which resolves us to keep going through The Underworld - culminating in the next card of THE MOON - knowing that our inner connection to Spirit and faith can guide us through any storm. In THE STAR we do not have concrete plans or solutions, or a clear vision of what the future holds, but we know intuitively that all is not lost. Does this sound like a Plan we know of?

This Plan I speak of is helping larger and larger swathes of humanity to become more conscious of the malevolent (posing as benevolent) and SPITE-full forces arrayed against us which would have us enslaved and used as livestock for eternity. Though all those control mechanisms and sorrows were already there to be seen with a certain kind of EYE, it is as if COnVID and The Plan opened up the chest anew so that The Enemy and their intentions would be brought out of the shadows and exposed.

For a time, when we first dive into The Shadow, we usually fixate on the darkness and it can smother any feeling of Hope. We feel grief at having discovered that much of our suffering has been engineered intentionally, for the countless lives lost through countless anti-life strategies directed against us, and disappointment at ourselves for having ignored and bought into the lies sold to us.

Whilst THE STAR does not automatically dis-spell the Spites, or cure the trauma which has been inflicted, it does engender faith and heal some of the spiritual sickness that has been wrought. To paraphrase Michael Tsarion: the work of innerstanding the control system and the trauma inflicted is Holy work. We cease ignoring the darkness without and so re-cognise that same Shadow within; it helps us feel whole/ healed (same root). As I wrote in a previous post the Hebrew letter assigned to THE STAR means 'window' and so we get a clear sight into that which kept us from connecting to Source/ God, as well as re-membering/ finding meaning in our Spiritual nature.

Truth, though often painful, always brings remedy to what ails. It brings the hope that now the source of our troubles is seen, a solution might be found. The wound can now be tended. It brings a new found will to live that is usually the difference between life and death in sick people. Though all evidence "out there" may contradict that inner faith in the coming dawn, there is an intuition that a 'eucatastrophe' (a twist of fate for The Good) is on the horizon.

Lastly, the hope and inner connection to Spirit that THE STAR awakens in us cannot be brought about through an act of will. It only appears once THE TOWER has collapsed: i.e. all the illusions about our ability to control life through egoic will are brought down by an act of God. In THE TOWER we realeyes that even in the destruction of all we once held as sureties, there was a Force moving to awaken us to Truth so that we could come back to a more Divine innerstanding of our true nature.

With the realeyesation that this Story is scripted by The Great Playwright, and that all actors and events both "Good" and "Bad" are simply God mas(k)querading as such, comes an unshakeable faith that, no matter what storyline unfolds next, it is a narrative written by the deepest power and is entirely necessary for the evolution of Consciousness, both on an individual and a collective level.

~ Aarongorn

"Now when first Vingilot was set to sail in the seas of heaven, it rose unlooked for, glittering and bright; and the people of Middle-earth beheld it from afar and wondered, and they took it for a sign, and called it Gil-Estel, the Star of High Hope."

~ Quenta Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien

""In this phial," she said, "is caught the light of Eärendil's star, set amid the waters of my fountain. It will shine still brighter when night is about you. May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.""

~ J.R.R. Tolkien


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